Customer Service

As part of the dynamic and ever-growing global industry, ethio telecom has endeavored to bring its customers with more flexible and the least bureaucratic telecom services, which have made the company appear at the front line in Africa among other similar companies in the sector. Our customer service division is determined to providing a multifaceted 24/7 standby support to our esteemed external and internal customers through well-trained ethical and energetic professionals. Our multi-channeled contact centers are equipped with state-of-the-art communication infrastructure, which can interact with full automatic vocal as well as textual interactions with our customers in different languages.


Our exceptional interest in digitizing the enterprise sectors nationwide, we are providing different surpassing corporate telecom services (both local and international) and products to our enterprise (non-personal) customers in a wide range of industry sectors including Finance, Governance, Administration, Services, Manufacturing, Agricultural as well as International NGO’s so as to gear up the universal growth and transformation plan of the country and, eventually, that of the continent of Africa. We also follow up the effectiveness of our products and services and give technical supports.  more


All our non-enterprise customers are under this category. We provide a number of telecommunications products and services to our individual subscribers with great dedications to help them meet their information needs in connecting them to the local through global sources of information by proving the latest means of communication. Some of the services we offer at personal level are:
Mobile: GSM & CDMA 2000 Mobile, WCDMA, Data/Internet: Prepaid 1x Data Only Service, Prepaid 1x data with Voice service, Prepaid EVDO data service, Wired Broadband Internet (ADSL, Dial Up internet  more