Domain Name

Domain Name " .et "

  • Domain names are used to establish a unique identity on Internet. Anyone thinking about establishing a presence on the Internet should register for a Domain name.
  • If you want to have unique address on the Internet, we can provide you a domain name. A domain name is part of your Internet address that comes after “www”.
  • Ethio provides you ‘.et ‘ country code domain both top level domain (ccTLD) and Second level domain (cc2ndLD)


  • Being on “.et” will symbolize you or your business as a proud Ethiopian.
  • Increases name recognition.
  • Allows having a professional presence on the Internet.
  • Gives you the appearance as a bigger business.
  • Easy to find registered sites with a unique domain name.
  • It is an important channel to connect with your customers.


Type Examples Tariff  per year        Setup fee
Second level

(cc2ndLD),,,,, … ETB  400 Free
Top level (ccTLD) .et ETB 1,000 Free








  • All Prices are VAT exclusive.