Fixed Broadband Internet


  • Fixed Broadband Internet service is an Internet service with wired access.
  • It can be provided through copper or fiber depending on the speed requested and other factors.
  • Ethio provides this service in two options:
    • Limited Fixed Broadband Internet: is a packaged service based on volume, mainly targeting residential customers.
    • Unlimited Fixed Broadband Internet: It is unlimited in volume and sold with a fixed monthly rent with different access speed options.

Unlimited Fixed Broadband Internet

Residential Customers

Residential Fixed Broadband Internet Price

  • Up to 69% Discount
  • Keep your budget and get access speed of 4 time of the previous speed
  • Enjoy an average discount of 64%
Access Speed  Old Tariff  New Tariff  Tariff Reduction in %
1 Mbps  978 499 49%
2 Mbps 1,768 699 60%
3 Mbps 2,746 899 67%
4 Mbps 3,191 1,099 66%
5 Mbps 3,886 1,249 68%
6 Mbps 4,580 1,499 67%
8 Mbps 5,970 1,900 68%
10Mbps 7,359 2,300 69%
15Mbps 3,320 New Offer
20Mbps 4,320
25Mbps 5,320
30Mbps 6,320
35Mbps 7,340
40Mbps 8,350
45Mbps 9,380
50Mbps 10,350

Subscription is FREE

Reconnection Relocation is FREE

Name change is FREE

• The service is also available in Combo option (FBB internet + Fixed Voice).

• If you choose Combo option, you will get 25 minutes Fixed to Fixed and 25 Minutes Fixed to Mobile free local calls every month.

• Ethio telecom covers all the installation cost up to 500 meters from the point of connection up to your residence. Twelve months instalment payment option is arranged, if your residence is far beyond than 500 meters.

• You can purchase the fixed broadband modem/CPE with onetime full payment or 12 months instalment options

• You can subscribe up to 50 Mbps speed.

• The tariffs are VAT inclusive.

• To apply for the service Please visit our portal

• For more information please visit our website

Limited Fixed Broadband Internet:


  • It  is a fixed broadband technology which transmits digital information at a high bandwidth through copper wire lines to your home and business.
  • The service is built based on your needs in three different monthly packages of 2GB, 4GB & 6GB.
  • The service allows you to access both internet and fixed telephone services with one connection.

Benefits of the Service

  • Availability – It is always on.
  • The speed by far exceeds the conventional dial-up service.
  • Convenience – you can simultaneously use both internet and fixed telephone via a single line.
  • Completely enhanced Internet experience.
  • You will pay only for the package you have subscribed.


Monthly package Access




fee in Birr

Subscription Fee without Modem

in Birr


Fee with Modem
in Birr

2GB 512 Kbps 250 280 580
4GB 1 Mbps 400 280 580
6GB 2 Mbps 550 280 580


  • All the above prices are VAT inclusive.
  • For the above bundle usage, you will be charged only 23 cents per MB.
  • Unlimited usage.
  • Affordable fixed monthly price (Flat rate).
  • You don’t have to worry about the volume used.
  • High-speed Internet access.
  •  24/7 access.



Monthly usage fee in Birr

Subscription Fee In Birr

512 Kbps




1 Mbps


2 Mbps


3 Mbps


4 Mbps


5 Mbps


6 Mbps 4580
8 Mbps 5970
10 Mbps 7359

Terms and conditions

  • Monthly usage fee doesn’t include cost of Modem.
  • No installation fee will be requested within 500 Meters from the connection point to the customer premises. In contrary, additional payment will be requested if the connection point is beyond 500 meters away from the customer premises.
  • Existing fixed line customers can get the service free of subscription fee.
  • Customers can bring their own modem or buy from ethio telecom shop with one-off payment 300 Birr for copper.
  • All prices are VAT inclusive.