Unlimited Fixed Broadband Internet: Enterprise


Etho telecom business Internet service is provided through wired and wireless connections with a speed starting from 256 Kbps to the business community.

  • Fixed Broadband Unlimited -Copper/Fiber
  • Fixed wireless Broadband – Aironet/Radwin

Unlimited Fixed Wired Broadband


  • Fixed Wired Broadband Internet is an internet service with unlimited usage.
  • Different speed options starting from 256 Kbps are available.

Benefits of the service

  •  Affordable fixed monthly price (Flat rate).
  •  You don’t have to worry about the volume used.
  •  High-speed Internet access.
  •  24/7 access.


 Speed Tarrif in birr
512 Kbps 764.75
1 Mbps 1,368.50
2 Mbps 2,475.38
3 Mbps 3,843.88
4 Mbps 4,467.75



  • The proposed tariffs are 15% VAT inclusive
  • Bandwidth price is the same for both Fixed Wired and Wireless connections i.e. Monthly fee for wireless services (Aironet, Radwin Point to point and other if any are aligned with the wired local MPLS –VPN monthly rent)
  • Terms and conditions will apply
  • For more than 4Mbps speed request the following formula will be applied

Y= 4Mbps access speed price + 615*(N-4)

Where; Y is the price of required speed and N is required speed.

Terms and conditions

  • Access speed options up to 100 Mbps and more options are available based on your request.
  • Monthly usage fee doesn’t include the cost of Modem.
  • The Modem tariff is the one-off payment that is 300 Birr & 600 Birr for copper & fiber respectively.
  • No installation fee will be requested within 500 Meters from the connection point to the customer. Instead, additional payment will be requested if the connection point exceeds beyond 500 meters away from the customer premises.
  • All prices are VAT inclusive.

Fixed Wireless Broadband- Aironet


Fixed wireless is a broadband internet service with wireless access but fixed in a given location. Fixed wireless broadband signals are broadcasted from a wireless base station to a receiver. The receiver is usually a fixed aerial, antenna or dish device which you mount on your building in a similar manner to a satellite dish. There needs to be a clear line of sight between the base station and the receiver for the service to work. There are different types of fixed wireless last mile access CPEs but ethio telecom currently provides the service with Aironet.  It works up to 40 KM away from fixed network.


  •  Good alternative for your business when there’s no wired network.
  •  It helps your company to have Internet and data services without deploying fixed line network.
  •  Serves for you as a backup link to your wired broadband.


BB Internet  with Airo Net CPE



AIRO net point to point

AIRO net point to multi point

local MPLS VPN  with AIRO net point to point

local MPLS VPN with AIRO net point to multi point

fee in Birr
Monthly Usage charge in Birr Subscription
fee in Birr
Monthly Usage charge in Birr Subscription
fee in Birr
Monthly Usage charge in Birr Subscription
fee in Birr
Monthly Usage charge in Birr
256 Kbps 70,860.50 1,552.30 14,446.48 2,006.73 71,890.94 1,908.55 15,476.92 2,362.98
512 Kbps 70,860.50 2,027.30 14,446.48 2,481.73 71,890.94 2,739.80 15,476.92 3,194.23
1 Mbps 70,860.50 2,777.30 14,446.48 3,231.73 71,890.94 4,052.30 15,476.92 4,506.73
2 Mbps 70,860.50 4,152.30 14,446.48 4,606.73 71,890.94 6,458.55 15,476.92 6,912.98
3 Mbps 70,860.50 5,852.30 14,446.48 6,306.73 71,890.94 9,433.55 15,476.92 9,887.98
4 Mbps 70,860.50 6,627.30 14,446.48 7,081.73 71,890.94 10,789.80 15,476.92 11,244.23
  • Prices are exclusive of VAT.

Subscription Requirements

  1. Service request letter
  2. Renewed trade, Investment or working license
  3. Signed CAF
  4. Internal installation permit from land and/or house owner