Floating Date: As of October 12, 2018
Closing Date: November 05, 2018
RFI: 3650435


1. Ethio telecom intends to acquire a Business Process Management Solution (BPMS) that provides a process platform with capabilities, beyond just a work flow which enables the suite to cover a fuller business scenario. Hence, ethio telecom invites all interested and eligible bidders by this Request for Information (RFI) to provide information for the Business Process Management Solution (BPMS) with RFI No. 3650435. The RFI remains floating from October 12, 2018 to November 05, 2018.

2. Interested bidders can obtain the RFI document from ethio telecom Head Office, Room No. 201 during office hours.

3. All responses for the RFI must be accompanied by:

3.1. Sealed envelopes marked as: “RFI for the Business Process Management Solution (BPMS) with RFI No. 3650435”, and be addressed to:

                      Ethio telecom,

                      Churchill Road

                      Head Quarter

                      Sourcing and Facilities Division

                      2nd Floor, Room No.211,

                      P. O. Box 1047, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 

RFI proposal will be received at the Churchill Road, Head Quarter 2nd Floor, Room No .211, Before or on November 05, 2018 until 5:00 P.M. Proposals presented by any bidder after the closing date and time shall not be accepted.    4. Bidders are seriously advised to read and comply with the instructions provided in this RFI.

5. No one is allowed to duplicate or transfer the bidding document that she/he acquired to participate under this invitation. Legally authorized agents shall collect the bidding documents for each principal they are representing.

6. Ethio telecom reserves the right to reject all or parts of this RFI.