Call Divert /Call Forward


Call diverting service enables you to forward/divert incoming calls to another fixed line or mobile phone when you are unable to handle/answer calls.

Call divert activation

Dial *21* phone number #

Call divert Deactivation

  • Dial #21# phone number #



  • Activation fee: Free
  • Usage fee:Divert from fixed line to mobile phone
    • Peak hour 50 cents/minute
    • Off peak hour 35 cents/minute

    Divert to Fixed line from fixed line

    • Within town 23 cents/six minutes
    • Outside town
      • Peak hour 46 cents/minute
      • Off peak hour 29 cents/minute

    Note: –

    • The person who is diverting the call to a third party will pay the call diverting fee from his Phone to the third party.
    • All prices are VAT Inclusive.


When you register, or unregister from the services, you will receive an interactive voice response (IVR) saying “The new service you applied for has been successfully registered /unregistered.”