• CRBT/Color Ring Back Tone/ is a service which allows mobile subscribers to replace the standard ring back sounds heard by callers with a song of their choice. Subscribers can select a single song for all calling parties or they can assign different songs to different callers or times of the day.

E.g. When “A” party calls “B” party (who uses CRBT service), “A” Party will hear a music/ song which “B” party has assigned as his CRBT.


  • It can give you a unique identity
  • It can turn the wait for an answer into an entertaining, social and informative experience
  • Makes your callers enjoy and relax while making a call to you
  • You can assign different ring back tones to various contacts

You can assign CRBTs for a specific time segment, such as morning CRBT, Holyday CRBT, Valentine’s day CRBT and more

How to subscribe

You will receive an SMS notification confirming your subscription status

How to unsubscribe the service


          • Subscription fee is free
          • Monthly rental fee is 5 birr /month, incl. VAT
          • CRBT (tone) fee: –
            • 5-birr Monthly Service Rent
            • 5 birr for LOCAL CRBTs, and
            • 7 birr for INTERNATIONAL CRBTs, incl. VAT
          • SMS: free (to 822)

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