Conference Call


Conference call is a service that enables ethio mobile users to make a group call being at different locations. Conference call service can be made with a maximum of five people.


Users can:

  • have an opportunity to connect up to five people simultaneously on the same call.
  • create your conference by touching a few keys.
  • use it for quick business team meeting working in different locations.
  • enjoy the usual voice call tariff for group meeting & more benefits.

How to set up a conference call

  1. Make your first call and Wait for your party to reply.
  2. Tell the first person to wait online and hold the current call.
  3. Make the second call and wait for the answer.
  4. On the basis of your phone type choose.
  • directly press merge, or
  • go to option, then select conference or join

Congratulations! Now you can make a conference call!

  1. To add another person in the conference repeat the steps 3 to 5.


Conference calls are charged depending on the destination of calls made, i.e., if you call for three mobile subscribers, you will be charged for each call by the current tariff rate of voice call service which is 0.50 Birr per minute for peak hours and 0.35 Birr per minute for off-peak hours. All prices are VAT inclusive.