Corporate Color Ring Back Tone

Set your customized CRBT on your company and employees’ service number so that your customer can listen to your company’s

  • corporate tune/ theme songs
  • Jingles
  • Product or service advertising
  • Corporate messages while they reaching you

Feature & benefits of Corporate CRBT

  • Will give a unique identity to your company
  • It can turn the wait for an answer into an entertaining, social, and informative experience
  • Makes your callers enjoy and relax while making a call to you
  • Enables you to send a CRBT tone to another user as gift.
  • You can assign different ring back tones to various contacts
  • You can assign CRBTs for a specific time segment, such as morning CRBT, Holyday CRBT, Valentine’s Day CRBT and more

To get the service, please visit our sales center located at Churchill road next to Lycee Gebremariam School