covid-19 response

Financial Support

  • Birr 100 million to aid the national corona virus pandemic protection activity
  • Donated USD 604,484 to assist COVID treatment research

Fundraising Platforms

  • 444 free hot line to collect money from the public

COVID-19 Information

  • Монтажная область 34Created by Vadim Solomakhinfrom the Noun Project Free access to four major websites
  • Free Wi-Fi and fixed telephone services at COVID-19 quarantine and recovery centers

Awareness Creation

  • Free IVR message dissemination in 5 languages, worth Birr 603.3 million
  • Replacing mobile ring back tone with COVID-19 prevention message
  • > 200 million free SMS delivery
  • Financial support

    • Birr 100 million to aid the national corona virus pandemic protection activity.
    • Donated $ 604,484.00 to assist COVID treatment research.

  • Free services

    • Fundraising platforms like and hot line 444 have been availed to collect money from the public.

  • Covid Information

    • Four websites are offered freely to convey valuable information for the users during corona pandemic.
    • We provided free Wi-Fi and two fixed line telephone services at two corona virus quarantine and recovery centers.

  • Awareness creation

    • Multiple messages have been disseminated to mobile voice users through IVR (Integrated Voice Record) in 5 languages. This could cost Birr 603.3 million.
    • We replaced our cellphone ring tone with COVID-19 prevention message.
    • Moreover, more than 200 million short messages were sent to the public.

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