Our monthly bill collection service which used to be carried out via Lehulu Payment Centers is terminated as of 1 August 2019. Hence, we are glad to introduce our simple and convenient methods of payment as listed below:

1. Visit our Partners’ Point of Sale (POS) and pay via

  • YIMULU service
  • Electronic voucher card (EVD) and
  • Physical Voucher Card

2. Via Mobile Wallet

If you are using Mobile Wallet Service of Commercial Bank Ethiopia (CBE Birr), Awash Bank, United Bank or Hello Cash, you can easily settle your service bills anywhere/anytime by using your cell phone.

3. Via Direct Debt Standing (DDS)

If you are an enterprise customer, you can settle your service billbthrough Direct Debt Standing Order directly from your account.
Please visit our shop to sign a contract agreement which is prepared jointly by Ethio telecom and the banks
4. At Ethio telecom and Franchise shops
You can also easily settle your payments at Ethio telecom and franchise shops.

Telecom Service Bill Settlement Procedures & Detail Information

1. Via YIMULU service

  • You can settle your bill via YIMULU service at our shops or partners’ point of sales (PoS)
  • Our YIMULU service is available all over the county: supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, hospitals, photo studios, other businesses, and service centers.
  • To settle your telecom service bill, you are only expected to provide your service number to the partner.
  • Upon your bill settlement, you will receive an automatic SMS confirmation

2. Via Mobile Wallet

  2.1 For CBE-Birr Service Users

   2.1.1 To settle your own bills:

A. Call *847# and enter your password

B. Enter number 3 to select “Buy Airtime” and then select number 1 to select “My Phone”

C. Enter the amount and your PIN code respectively

D. Finally, confirm the amount you want to pay and your telecom service number

   2.1.2. To Pay for Another Service Number:

A. Call *847# and enter your password

B. Enter number 3 to select “Buy Airtime” and enter number 2 to select “Other Phone

C. Enter the service number

D. Enter the amount of money you want to pay and the PIN code respectively

E. Confirm the amount and the service number

3. Through Direct Debt Standing Order

If you are a customer of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, you can settle your monthly telecom bill by direct debt order from your account. Based on your prior signed agreement with the bank, direct deduction will be made from your balance to settle your bill. You will get a receipt each month when your balance is deducted for the payment of your bill.

This option is a best fit for international, public and private organizations to easily settle your monthly bill. If you are interested, please e-mail us via BOcommunication@ethiotelecom.et to express your interests and get more information.

4. Via Prepaid Mobile Voucher Cards

Until we avail the service with other banks via mobile wallet, you may also use prepaid mobile voucher cards as a tentative option for your monthly telecom bill payments via SMS, IVR and USSD.

   4.1. Via SMS:

A) To settle for your number: type *hidden voucher card number# and send it to 805

B) To pay for another number: type *hidden voucher card number*service number# and send it to 805.

Example: *hidden voucher card number*09xxxxxx# send to 805.

   4.2. Via USSD:

A) To settle for your number: type *805*hidden voucher card number# then call.

B) To settle for another number: type *805*hidden voucher card number*the service number# then call. Or follow the instruction by just dialing to *805#.

Example: *805*card hidden number*09xxxxxx# dial

   4.3. Via IVR:

A. First, buy a prepaid voucher card

B. Dial 903 and then select 1 for balance recharge

C. To settle your own bill: select 1 and enter the hidden number then press #

D. To settle another person/ service number bill select 2 and then enter the service number then press#. Enter the hidden number and follow the audio instructions.


  • If you choose a prepaid mobile voucher card value higher than your bill amount, the remaining amount will be reserved as an advance payment for your next month’s bill.
  • Based on the amount of your bill settlement, we recommend you to use higher denomination prepaid mobile voucher cards such as: Br.1000, Br.500, Br.250, Br.100, and Br.50 etc.

Example: If your bill amount is Br.557 , you can use prepaid mobile voucher card denominations of Br.500 + Br.50 + Br.10 = Br.560. The difference (Br.3) will be transferred to the next month’s payment.

  •  Upon your bill settlement, you will receive an automatic SMS notification.