ethio self care

What is ethio self-care? 

  • ethio self-care is a mobile application that aggregates the USSD and SMS based services into one portal to enable customers to access ethio services easily.
  • Supports 5 languages (Amharic, English, Afaan Oromo, Tigrigna and Somaligna).
  • Works on android mobile phones.

Features of the app

  • Account management (air time charging, check balance, balance transfer …. etc.)
  • All ethio gebeta services are available (voice, Internet and SMS packages…. etc.)
  • CRBT services management (CRBT subscription, tone change, manage library, …etc.)
  • VAS management, FAQ’s & information.
  • Data calculator and package recommendation.
  • About us and help.

Where can I get the application? 

Key benefits

  • Using ethio services will be much easier
  • Customers will have better control of their account and services they use
  • Get information about ethio offers
  • Convenience (a single destination to get ethio product and services)
  • Saves time by reducing the number of steps required to get ethio services