Ethio telecom launches a Matching Fund Scheme campaign with Selected Charitable Institutions

Apart from our prior engagement in building multifaceted telecom infrastructure and realizing the country’s digital transformation vision, our company is actively involved in major corporate social responsibility programs. These programs focus on strengthening communities by addressing the fundamental drivers of long-term nationwide benefits in sectors such as education, health, environmental protection, green legacy, eco-tourism, flagship government project support, as well as humanitarian aid, blood donation, voluntary services provision, and other pressing social concerns.”As part of our ongoing efforts to give back to the community, our company has launched a matching fund scheme campaign today with eight selected charitable institutions under the theme “Matching Fund for Sustainable Support” to address pressing humanitarian support needs involving all concerned citizens. These charitable institutions are Mary Joy Ethiopia, Gergesinon Charity Association, The Children’s Heart Fund of Ethiopia, Ethiopian Cancer Association, Babul keyer Charity Organization, Makedonia Elderly Charity Association, Muday Charity Association, and the Ethiopian Red Cross Society.

Our company has designed and is working on various programs to further strengthen the partnership with charitable institutions following the assessment and identification of institutions that are effective in their social and humanitarian endeavors. It also creates various procedures to enhance the society’s support scope, effectively aligning with the company’s corporate social responsibility focus areas. 

These charitable institutions were selected for this support program based on the criteria such as the proven track record of providing humanitarian assistance to a large number of people, the significant amount of money they collected using the short number service (SMS) and the telebirr fundraising platform, ensuring that it is properly utilized for their humanitarian tasks. Additionally, their existing amicable cooperation with our company was also considered. 

Accordingly, Ethio telecom will run a charity fundraising campaign for the next eight months, starting from November 2023 and running until June 2024. Each fundraising month will be named after a charitable institution. The program is specially designed for the targeted humanitarian purpose, based on criteria such as customer participation/engagement on our company’s social media platforms (i.e., the number of new subscribers, shared posts) and the amount of money collected during the campaign period using fundraising numbers provided by our company, including our company’s own support (matching fund).

During this social media engagement and fundraising campaign period, these charity organizations and their influential individuals are expected to be active participants. Accordingly, Ethio Telecom has allocated a budget to be divided for the support of these eight selected charitable institutions based on the amount of income they will generate during the eight-month campaign, starting from November to June 2024.Expanding its scope of humanitarian support at the institutional level, our company has implemented this matching fund scheme, which plays a vital role in encouraging and motivating volunteers to support the communities. This is achieved by effectively utilizing multi-channel media such as short code service, telebirr, and social media platforms to raise funds, as well as by attracting donors and increasing the involvement of benevolent individuals and associations.

Ethio telecom

November 10, 2023

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