Ethio telecom Launches a National Digital ID Registration Nationwide!

Our company officially launched the national digital ID registration process in 29 cities, including Addis Ababa. The national goal is to provide digital IDs to 90 million citizens across the country by the year 2018 E.F.Y through various implementing organizations. Our company plans to register an average of 1 million citizens per month and issue digital IDs to 32 million citizens, which accounts for 36% of the overall target. Our company has commenced the registration using our service centers nationwide and training the workforce. To enhance accessibility to digital IDs, we shall expand the registration to additional cities in the future.

The national digital ID stands as a crucial enabling system required to realize the Digital Ethiopia 2025 strategy, playing a pivotal role in fostering an inclusive digital economy. This digital ID facilitates the provision of verified information through minimal biometric and demographic data from citizens, offering substantial national advantages such as streamlined service delivery, enhanced e-government services, improved business connectivity, building a data-driven economic framework, and the creation of a secure digital ecosystem through cyber fraud prevention.

Furthermore, it facilitates the introduction of new products and services to citizens, enhances customer service experiences, stimulates job growth, boosts e-commerce transactions, offers non-collateral microloan services to enhance financial inclusion, expands credit opportunities, improves credit ratings, and ensures digital services that modernize citizens’ daily lives while accelerating improved business operations. Similarly, the establishment of a centralized national digital identity database in our country will empower businesses and service providers to deliver reliable and swift identity authentication, facilitating the implementation of efficient operational systems.

To ensure swift access to digital ID for all citizens, our company will leverage its extensive network of nationwide service centers, franchise outlets operating in collaboration with partners and agents, an existing big data center, cloud services, and other enabling digital infrastructure. Furthermore, citizens who have registered for their digital identifications can conveniently access them via the telebirr SuperApp by simply activating their data connection.

Individuals aged five and above are eligible to register for a national digital ID by personally visiting our service centers officially designated by providing a valid proof of current address/ identity or other relevant documents (such as a Kebele ID, renewed driver’s license, passport, etc.) that show legal grounds for their identity or alternatively, they can provide a personal witness.  Apart from the urban and rural residents, eligible users for digital ID registration include university students, high school students, National Leaving Examination Candidates, individuals at various displaced centers, the Safety Net program users, and other foreign citizens with legal residence permits and work permits.

Below are our digital ID registration service centers located in Addis Ababa and various Regions countrywide. We are also in the process of expanding to additional service centers and engaging our agents in this endeavor.

Addis Ababa Ethio telecom Regions
Wuha Lemat (Hayahulet) Saris Harar Kombolcha Wolayta   Sodo
Lideta Kaliti Debrebirhan Gondar Hosaina
Stadium Akaki Fiche Azezo Welkite
Bole   Medhanialem Jemo Legetafo Mekele   (two centers Jimma
Gerji Lebu Ambo Bahir   Dar Bonga
Ayat Betel Sebeta Abay   Mado Mizan
Sidist Kilo Arada Jigjiga Adama Gambella
Gurd Shola Kolfe Dire Dawa Bishoftu Nekemte
Shiromeda Burayu Semera Hawassa(two   enters) Asosa
TPO(Lyce   G/Mariam school) Dessie Shashemene

To easily track the whereabouts of the nearby registration centers, citizens can use the National Digital ID Locator App within the telebirr SuperApp or visit our website

                            Ethio telecom

                           April 24, 2024

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