Hybrid SIM account

Hybrid SIM account service enables customers to use both prepaid and postpaid payment plan with a single SIM Card.


  • Minimize call interruptions caused by prepaid or postpaid account balance used up.
  • Helps to manage account balance.
  • Avoid bill-shock problem.


  • New subscription fee is birr 30 with 15 birr air time.
  • Change from postpaid/prepaid to hybrid account is free.
  • Change from hybrid to postpaid is free of charge. But, change from hybrid account to pre-paid is birr 30.

How to Recharge

1. To recharge prepaid account of Hybrid SIM through USSD  

  • For yourself dial *805*VC hidden number*0#
  • For others dial  *805*VC hidden number*others mobile number*0#

2. To recharge Postpaid account of Hybrid SIM through USSD     

  • For yourself dial :  *805*VC hidden number*1#
  • For others dial : *805*VC hidden number* others mobile number *1#

    3. To recharge Postpaid or prepaid account of Hybrid SIM through IVR

    • Dial : 909 or 903 and follow the instructions.

    Balance Inquiry:

    • For USSDdial : *804#
    • For IVRdial : 909 or 903

    Terms and Conditions

    • New hybrid SIM account subscribers have to sign existing postpaid e-CAF form.
    • To Change existing postpaid account to hybrid SIM account, customers should pay first any unpaid or outstanding bills.
    • When prepaid/postpaid account is changed to hybrid SIM account, all available resources will be transferred to the hybrid account and vice versa.
    • To subscribe new hybrid SIM account: residential customers should pay birr 250 as initial deposits, and birr 1,000 initial credit limit will be applied for SOHO/SME enterprise customers. However, key account customers can subscribe without any credit limit and/or initial deposit if they fulfil necessary conditions.
    • Hybrid SIM accounts usage priority is configured at ethio telecom shops and the service is automatically switched to other account up on balance is used up or credit limit is reached. This case may not be applicable for key account customers when their hybrid SIM default account is set as postpaid first.
    • Hybrid SIM account subscribers can transfer or receive balance only from or to hybrid default prepaid account.
    • Hybrid SIM account life cycle will be managed by the existing postpaid mobile rules and regulations.
    • To subscribe new hybrid SIM account and/or to change default account for balance usage priority, please visit the nearby ethio telecom shop.