International Toll-Free Service

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Use our international Toll-Free service to give your Ethiopia based clientele access to a call center being hosted abroad or vice versa with a discounted per minute tariff.
How is the service provided ?
International Toll-free Service has two provisioning options:

  • ITF (International Toll Freephone): Where callers dial a national Toll-free number in the originating country to make free calls to a customer in another country, with the call charges paid by the receiver or customer in the destination country.
  • DID (Direct Inward Dialing): Where callers will pay the local call charges to the local number as required by their respective local carriers; and the distant end customer will pay the relevant charges to its service provider.

For additional information, please contact:-
Name: Adam Demeke
Telephone No: +251 – 911 – 614858
Name: Ketema Hagos
Telephone No: +251 – 911 – 203569
Or visit our Sales Division located next to Lycée Gebremariam School on Churchill Avenue.