We are proudly providing internet services to our esteemed customers with a number of options. ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is a technology for transmitting digital information at a high bandwidth on existing copper telephone lines to customers. It is a high-speed internet access service that utilizes normal telephone lines to send and receive data at speeds which far exceed convention, dial-up modems. We offer the fixed line internet service in two options namely, limited ADSL and unlimited ADSL. On the other hand, EVDO is a Broadband mobile Internet service with high speed service using CDMA technology which works wherever CDMA network is available. The mobile internet enables your mobile phone, tablet or mobile broadband modem to access the internet while you are moving. It works both on 2G mobile (GPRS) and 3G Mobile (HSPA). You can get more details regarding each service by clicking on each link hereabove.