Invitation to Interested Partners for Advertisement Color Ring Back Tone (Ad CRBT) Service Partnership

Interested potential partners are encouraged to submit their proposal before March 15, 2019.

It is known that we have been offering CRBT service to our mobile customers mainly with music CRBT contents and service features for more than five years. As part of extending this service offer to the market with new features and provide new customer experience, we are planning to launch Ad CRBT service, which is a service whereby our mobile service customers can assign a CRBT advertisement tone  (commercial of a company  product or services ) on their incoming calls and get promotional awards.

Therefore, we would like to invite qualified & interested partners that fulfill the following requirements to submit their proposal to engage in providing the service.

Criteria for the Partnership:

  • Renewed or new trade license and commercial registration.
  • Renewed or new VAS (Value Added Service) license.
  • Renewed or new advertisement license in case of third-party promotion.
  • Bring own Ad CRBT platform to provide the service.
  • Agree to make pilot test before commercial launch of the service.
  • Provide commercial and technical proposal to integrate with ethio telecom system.
  • Agree to accept a pre-defined revenue share set by ethio telecom.

For further information and proposal submission, please visit our Sales Division, VAS Partners Management Section, 4th floor located at Churchill Road, next to Lycée Guébré- Mariam School or contact us through email :