Invitation to Interested Content Providers for Color Ring Back Tone (CRBT) Service Partnership

During the past 5 years our CRBT service have enhanced customers experience by allowing them to replace the standard ring back tone heard by callers with a song of their choice. In this service subscribers can select a single song for all calling parties or they can assign different songs to different callers or times of the day.

Because of the growing customer demand, we are planning to increase the CRBT service availability through various strategies. In connection with this, we would like to invite qualified & interested CRBT content providers that fulfill the following requirements to submit their proposal to partner with us in providing the CRBT service.

Criteria for Partnership

  • Renewed or new trade license and commercial registration.
  •  Renewed or new VAS (Value Added Service) license.
  • Exclusive CRBT tones which is not a duplication of other suppliers
  • A duly signed and stamped agreement between the content provider and all the owners of the copyright and neighboring right of the work as per the template provided.
  •  A duly signed and stamped agreement, if one of the copyright and neighboring right holders have transferred economic right of other copy right and neighboring right holders .
  • Adherence to CRBT technical requirements that pass the relevant quality test by ethio telecom
  •  Agreement to accept a pre-defined revenue share set by ethio telecom.
  •  Agreement to work with a minimum of one year contract

For further information and proposal submission, please visit our Sales Division, VAS PartnersManagement Section, 4th floor located at Churchill Road, next to Lycee Guebre – Mariam School or contact us through Amsalu Tadesse via email: