Lehulu Payment Centers

Save your time & energy by settling all your telecom, electric and water services bills in one convenient location.

No Branch           Address/Location/
1 Adissu Gebeya Addisu Gebeya ethio telecom building near to the taxi station and NOC oil station
2 Ayer Tena Ethio telecom compound in front of Kolfe Keranyo sub city wereda 01 Administration Office
3 Akaki Akaki Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation compound 100 meter away from Commercial Bank of Ethiopia Akaki Branch near to the railway
4 Arat Kilo Arat Killo Birhanena Selam Printing Press building in front of  Tourist Hotel
5 Asko Asko Menaheriya ethio telecom building in front of  Commercial Bank of Ethiopian
6 AtenaTera AtanaTera ring road ethio telecom building
7 AwtobisTera Merkato ethio telecom compound next to Addis Ketema High School
8 Betel Weyra Post Office building, on the entry to Sene Selasa Housing Cooperatives
9 Bisrate Gebreal Water & Sewerage Authority Office in front of Biruk Clinic
10 Bole Millennium Bole Road in front of Millennium Hall
11 Ferencay Ethio telecom building, Ferensay Legasiyon Taxi station, on the way to Abo Church
12 Gerji Gerji Roba Bakery next to Sunshine Apartments
13 Arada Giorgis St. Goirgis Church, ethio telecom compound, on the way to Semien Hotel
14 Gurd shola Gurd Shola ethio telecom compound
15 Kality Commercial Bank of Ethiopia Kality Branch in front of Cheraliya Food & Biscuits Factory
16 Kazanches Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation compound, in front of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Kazanchis Branch
17 Kolfe Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation compound, next to 18 Mazoria
18 Kotebe Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation compound, in front of Kotebe Steel Factory
19 Lebu Ethiopian  Electric Power Corporation compound,  Lebu  Mebrat Hail roundabout,  next to Samuel Building
20 Legehar Ethiopian Insurance Corporation (Medihin Insurance) building, Legehar
21 Megenagna Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority head office next to  Bole Sub city
22 Merkato Mehal Merkato Commercial Bank of Ethiopia building  next to Mirab Hotel
23 Mexico Mexico roundabout, Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation compound next to Chamber of Commerce Building
24 Posta Bet At the Main Post Office
25 Saris Commercial Bank of Ethiopia building around Saris Dama hotel
26 Shegole Shegole ethio telecom building Rufael Street
27 Shiro Meda Shiro Meda ethio telecom compound at the taxi station in front of Embassy of Spain
28 Sidest Kilo Sidist Kilo ethio telecom building next to Yared Music School
29 Teklehaymanot Near Teklehaymanot Church on the way to Tewodros II Square, in front of Condominium houses
30 Tele Garage Meskerem Mazoria Tele Garage
31 Wello Sefer  Shewa Supermarket (100 meter on the way to Bole) Kiray Betoch Building

Working hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 8:00AM-7:00PM including lunch time
  • Saturday: 8:00AM-4:00PM including lunch time
  • Ethio telecom customers can settle their bills starting from 13th February, 2013.
  • 24*7 call center Line: 8586