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Long Validity Mobile Package Terms & Condition

  • All prepaid, post-paid and hybrid customers are eligible to subscribe any of the longer validity mobile package types within a matrix.
  • The pre-paid and postpaid package payment will be settled upon package subscription.
  • For Quarterly or 90days plan there are two package release options for customers who made subscription through shops /CRM.
    • Release Once: All package resources will be released once during subscription to be used for entire validity period.
    • resources split and released monthly bases but any unutilized resource will be rolled over at the end of every month and recurs till the end of the package validity periods.
  • Prepaid customers can purchase through USSD, Myethio tel and shops and
  • The offer is valid for both individual and enterprise customers.
  • Customers can subscribe the long validity mobile plans at any time.
  • The package will be used for own usage (not for gift purpose).
  • Once long validity package sales made, refund or change of plan is not allowed.
  • To purchase and use the long validity mobile packages, the SIM card shall be in active status.
  • The long validity mobile voice and SMS resources will be used only for local mobile services.
  • Out of package usage and premium tariff number will be rated at a prevailing price.
  • All Prices are VAT inclusive.