Ethio telecom launched LTE Advanced mobile service on February 3, 2020. LTE Advanced mobile service is an enhanced version of the conventional LTE connectivity, with major improvements to the speed and quality of the current 4G-LTE mobile service available in Addis Ababa.

Benefits of LTE Advanced mobile service

The LTE-Advanced service offers:

  • High speed an equivalent of 4 times faster speed than the existing 4G LTE service;
  • Access, download and/or upload transfer large-sized data at a meteoric speed;
  • Smooth live stream HD real-time multimedia, video conferencing, 3D gaming, etc and
  • Secured Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for corporate customers, mainly as a backup for Fixed Broadband VPN.

Where Is the LTE Advanced service available?

Currently our LTE Advanced service is availed in parts of Addis Ababa at locations with a high internet usage trend.  The areas are located around:

  • Bole Airport
  • Bole Friendship area
  • Bole Medhanealem
  • Bole Atlas
  • World Food and Agriculture Org. (FAO) area
  • Meskel Square
  • Stadium
  • Old Airport
  • Lideta (ECX)
  • Ethio telecom HQ area
  • Kazanchis
  • Arat Kilo(Unity Park)
  • Sidist Kilo
  • African Union


Does LTE Advanced require a special device and SIM?

  • Minimum required device capacity: some devices may not be manufactured with built-in capacities or features to support LTE Advanced technology. The LTE Advanced service can be accessed with mobile phones, tablets, dongles, etc. that can support the LTE Advanced technology commonly with the minimum specifications indicated below.
Technology LTE-A
Terminal Category ≥ Cat 6

Note: Please see the specifications of your device on to check whether it supports the LTE Advanced service by entering the device’s brand name into the search box. The speed of the device is available in the last row under the “Network” section by expanding the cell.

Minimum required SIM capacity: in addition to the device features mentioned above, our customers who want to use LTE Advanced service need to have their SIM’s upgraded to Universal SIM (USIM) with at least 64K capacity. Accordingly:

  • Customers who have been using the existing 4G-LTE service, LTE Advanced service will activate by default so long as their SIM is capable (USIM) and their device supports LTE Advanced service.
  • We will automatically upgrade the USIMs of existing 3G service customers to LTE Advanced FREE of charge if their devices support LTE-A service.
  • Customers who are using 2G/3G/4G services with SIMs below 64K capacity are advised to visit any of our shops in Addis Ababa to replace their SIM to USIM  for FREE.


  • Customers can switch among 2G/3G/4G services in their network setting of their devices once they are upgraded to LTE Advanced service. 

Please visit our nearby shops to check the status/capacity of your SIM to use LTE Advanced.

Enjoy Faster Speed!