Miss Call Notification/MCN


Ethio Missed Call Notification (MCN) service will notify you by SMS about who called you while your phone was switched off or out of reach.

With missed calls notification from ethio telecom, you will still receive all your missed calls even if you are out of the coverage or service area or when your mobile runs out of battery. Your ethio mobile phone makes it easy for you to find out who called while you were unreachable.

MCN Benefits

    • Customers will not miss a single call without notice.
    • Help to find out who called you while your phone was switched off.
    • To find out who tried to reach you while you were out of network coverage.
    • Helps to make an informed decision to whom to call back.
    • Alternative options for non-voicemail subscribers.
    • Improve productivity for business users.

MCN Tariff

    • The service is FREE for all ethio mobile subscribers.

How to use the service

By default, this service is activated for all ethio telecom subscribers.

Deactivation and Reactivation

  • To deactivate send D2 to 824.
  • To activate send A2 to 824.