Mobile Device Insurance Scheme is a scheme that enables customers to receive compensation for their lost, damaged or stolen mobile devices such as mobile handsets, tablets, laptops, dongles or modems.

Considering the fact that 32% of devices from the 51.6 million active mobile devices identified on Ethio telecom network are smartphones, the absence of insurance coverage for lost, damaged or stolen electronic gadgets, and the request from insurance companies to provide coverage for the devices, Ethio telecom has finalized the introduction of Mobile Device Insurance Service to its customers.

Thus, we would like to invite qualified and interested Mobile Device Insurance Scheme providers that fulfill the following requirements to submit their partnership proposals.

Criteria for Partnership

  • Any interested insurance company having an authorization from the National Bank of Ethiopia to provide the Mobile Device Insurance Scheme
  • Any solution enabler having a partnership with an insurance company and holds a renewed or new telecom VAS (Value Added Service) license can participate.
  • Agreement to accept a pre-defined revenue share set by Ethio telecom

For further information and proposal submission, please visit our Sales Division, 4th floor located at Churchill Road, next to Lycee Gebre–Mariam School or contact us through Tamiru Tekaw, Tel. No. 0930 011 546 or via email: