Adey Enkutatash 2015 Special New Year Trade Show & Bazaar

telebirr Incentive Business Rules for New Year Expo

  • Customers who will purchase goods and entrance Tickets for the Expo via telebirr from registered Merchants at the Addis Ababa Exhibition Center will get 5% cash back.
    • The 5% cash back incentive will only be used to purchase airtime, package, for self or others.
    • A customer will be eligible for the incentive if transact a maximum of 5,000 birr per transaction.
    • Existing or new telebirr subscribers are eligible.
  • Customers can buy entrance ticket using App or USSD for self and others
  • Customers can use telebirr App or USSD for transaction.
  • A customer should get a maximum of Birr 500 as cash back throughout the expo period.
  • Existing or new registered telebirr merchants that shall sell goods in the Exhibition center.
  • Selling goods outside the exhibition center using the merchant code is not allowed.
  • A merchant will be eligible for the 0.5% value Cash Gift. But the maximum cumulative daily transaction limit will be 25,000 Birr.
  • Merchants will get SMS notification for the 0.5% Cash Gift incentives
  • Merchants’ points will be counted for all ticket and good sold at the Expo.
  • Merchants must use the cash back amount for Airtime Top-up, Package purchase for self or others.
  • Merchants shall not purchase its own products to get the Cash Back Incentive
  • Merchants must make transaction via the specific QR code given to each merchant at expo.
  • Merchants should receive payments from customer that uses any telebirr transaction channels (USSD or telebirr App for transaction).

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