Reachability Alert (RA)


RA is a service that notifies you by SMS when the person you have been trying to call was unreachable – “out of coverage or phone turned/switched off” becomes available to the network.

Usage of RA Service

  • RA will be activated by default to all ethio mobile subscribers and can be activated or deactivated by using SMS and USSD channels.
  • To deactivate send D1 to 824.
  • To re-activate send A1 to 824.

Benefit of RA

  • No more unnecessary calls when the person you want to talk to is unreachable.
  • Let you know when to attempt the failed calls.
  • Increase productive by notifying business men when the person you have been calling is available.

RA Tariff

  • All ethio mobile subscribers can get the service without any subscription and monthly fee.
  • RA Notification SMS is free.