Ethio telecom invites you to written exam for Amharic 2nd Round Contact Center Advisors on November 09 and 10, 2019 at Jemo Call Center.

                                  Selection Criteria for Shortlisting
   Round   Second Round
   Jobt Title   Contact Center Advisor-Amahric
   Field of Study   Cummulative GPA > or =
  Female   Male
   BA Degree in Accounting   3.46   3.68
   BA Degree in Business Administration,                                                   BA Degree in Business Management

BA Degree in Management

  2.00   2.00
   BA Degree in Economics   2.00   2.72
   BA Degree in Marketing Management   2.00   2.00


Click below links to see short lists of Amahric 2nd Round Contact Center Advisors.

Amharic Contact Center List 2nd Round Exam Date-Nov-09-2019

Amharic Contact Center List 2nd Round Exam Date-Nov-10-2019