Invitation for Application to Person (A2P) Messaging Service Partnership Rate

Ethio telecom is pleased to invite interested companies to partner with us in commercializing A2P SMS originating from applications of other networks. This announcement is intended to invite all interested providers of A2P messaging service to submit their proposals that could, after a thorough evaluation, enable them to become one-stop global A2P messaging service provider for ethio telecom. Hence, fair and extensive evaluation based on criteria listed herein will be conducted on proposals from various candidate providers, and providers who best fulfill the interest of ethio telecom will be selected. For the avoidance of doubt it should be noted that P2P SMS is out of the scope of this invitation.

Partner with us if you fulfill the following criteria

Only qualified providers with prior experience on A2P service should submit their proposal.
The proposal should contain, but not limited to:
• Company profile (date of establishment, license copy for operation, country of operation, at least one year audited financial statement)
• Customer reference: must submit at least three reference performance letters related to A2P services.
• Proposed volume of trac (state detailed business case and monthly volume of trac to be terminated to ethio telecom network)
• Availability The provider should be guaranteed a target monthly availability to be included with a contractual Service Level Agreement (SLA)
• Security:- The provider shall present/provide the following:
o Fraud protection and grey route elimination support
o Provide latest ISO accreditation 27001
o Mechanisms to control unsolicited incoming A2P and keep the SMS channel as
clean as possible.
• Performance (Scalability):- The provider should be proposed the following:
o Volume of A2P SMS interactions per month
o Volume of messages per second that can be handled by providers
o Volume of individual mobile messages that can run per second
• Global reach:- The provider should give information on the number of Connectivity with
OTTs, content provider, A2P aggregators and connected mobile operators (customers).
• Technical details:- The provider shall clearly state connectivity options (SS7 or SMPP) and
technical implementation procedure.

Implementation Process & Time:- The provider shall provide reasonable implementation time with a clear and transparent process.
• Customer service and Technical support:- the provider shall state availability of dedicated team to support ethio and time to response & quality of response.
o Provides 24/7 support
o Assigns a dedicated account management team
• Reporting:- real time reporting of A2P trac sources and volumes, provide customer web portal/Online reporting with detailed trac and billing reports designed to oer better insight into their daily and monthly usage and backup time.
• Payment Modality:- The provider shall state preferred payment modality either prepayment or post payment.
• Service Term:- Can work with a contractual agreement with minimum of one year and a maximum of three years, with possible contractual extension based on performance
assessment review on monthly basis, other things constant.
• Rate:- Providers should accept ethio telecom A2P termination rate per SMS. Providers should submit proposal before December 15, 2018 Interested companies can contact us for any clarification with the below address: Email:; Ethio telecom, Churchill Road, Beside HQ.