Speed dialing service allows dialing a phone number by pressing a one-digit or two-digit number on the phone without remembering the long digits.

  • First, you are expected to set up a speed dial number on your Fixed-line phone. Then, just pick up the phone and press the two digit numbers associated with the number you want to call quickly and easily without remembering the long digits.
  • In one fixed line service, customers can have up to 100 speed dial two-digit numbers.


Dial *51*speed dialing code* phone number #

Example: – customers with 0115155464 phone numbers
If you need to setup speed dialing for 0911–XX XX XX numbers with two digits (12) speed dialing/code, Just Dial *51*12*0911-XX XX XX# by using your fixed line telephone. Thus, 12 is the code that Represents 0911 XX XX XX. Hereafter, when you want to call to 0911 XX XX XX number, you are only expected to dial to number **12.


  • Dial # 51*speed dialing code*phone number #

Simply, dial #51#12*0911-XX XX XX#


  • The service is available for all customers for free.


When you register or unregister from the services, you will receive an interactive voice response (IVR) saying “The new service you applied for has been successfully registered /unregistered.”