Currently we are working with partners in the distribution of voucher cards and YIMULU Electronic Top-Up Service. In an effort to improve customer experience and increase distribution and sales of airtime, we would like to extend an open invitation to interested companies that fulfill the following criteria to participate in the distribution of Voucher Cards and YIMULU service as Zonal Distributors.

A. Criteria for partnership

Companies which:

  1. are not blacklisted in previous business engagement with Ethio telecom.
  2. can present new/renewed business license for wholesale or retail service and are ready to distribute in Addis Ababa (all six zones).
  3. can present proof of strong capital equivalent to their business license:
    • Companies that can show a capital of Br. 200,000 and above.

B. Purchase Modality

  1. After contract signature to start the business, a minimum of Br. two million unconditional bank guaranty should be available or
  2. A cash of Birr two million purchase request with CPO should be presented (managed in contract).

C. Monthly Target

  1. Based on expected sales revenue and the number of distributors in the market, Ethio telecom has the right to change the target from time to time.
  2. New distributors will have a grace period of one month to purchase from Ethio telecom without target.

D. Commission

  1. Companies that accept the commission set by Ethio telecom.
  2. Commission amount may be altered anytime.
  3. Ethio telecom will give the total commission to the distributor.
  4. The distributor is responsible for the commission to be paid to the channel members under its hierarchy (sub-distributor and retailors).
  • If you are interested to work with us, please visit our zonal office located at 6 Killo, near Jan Meda next to Yared Musical School or contact us through Phone: 0111243081/0911609988/0930377172, Email: