Voice Mail


Voice Mail is a service which will answer your calls automatically and allow callers to leave a voice messages under the following conditions:

      • When you are out of reach
      • Busy
      • Your mobile is switched off or
      • Not answered in time.
    • You will receive a short message (SMS) notification whenever you receive a new message in your mail box.


  • Important callers will never receive “no answer”, “switched off”, “out of network coverage” or “busy” signals;
  • Allows a business to run more efficiently.
  • It ensures that you don’t miss your important calls.


  • No subscription and rental fee.
  • No message retrieval fee.
  • To deposit voice mail message, customers will be charged as per the prevailing voice tariff (i.e. birr 0.50/minute and birr 0.35 /minute for peak and off peak hours respectively).
  • SMS to 824 (activation, deactivation, password reset, etc) is free.
  • It is either the caller or the depositor who is going to be charged for the service.
  • Charging will begin after the greeting announcement is being received.


  • Send “S1’ to 824 via SMS or
  • Directly call to 824 and follow the instructions.


  • Send “U” to 824 via SMS.
  • Directly call to 824 and follow the instructions.