Voice Short Message Service(VSMS)

Description of the service
Voice SMS service enables you to record and send voice messages like a short text message. The receiver can listen the voice message by dialing the number code received through text message.

Benefits of Voice Short Message

  • You can record and send your voice SMS in your preferred language.
  • It is less time consuming to send voice message.
  • Enables customers to express their emotions in voice message.
  • Easy to send voice messages on the move.
  • All handset types can support the service.
  • Listening to new messages is free of charge.
  • You can directly listen to the message by dialing the number you received with the notification text message.

How to use the Service

The service is activated to all customers; therefore, you don’t need to subscribe to get the service.
There are two options to send voice SMS:-

Option One

Dial 886 & follow the prompt, insert the recipient’s number→ record your message → press the hash key → you can re-listen, re-record, or delete the message before you send. You can also choose to send the message as normal or confidential.

To check whether you have a new message or not, call 845 for free.
To listen to saved voice messages call 887.
You can forward, delete, and replay to Voice messages you received from others.

Voice Short Message Service Tariff

No Service type Duration of 
a message
1 Sending VSMS 30 second 0.42birr
2 Retrieve/Listen new VSMS


3 Re-play/ listen saved message (after two times) 30 second 0.12birr
4 Reply to VSMS 30 second 0.42birr
5 Forwarding a VSMS


6 Subscription and rental fee


7 Notifications from system number


NB: All prices are VAT Inclusive

  • There is no need of subscription to get voice mail service since all ethio mobile subscribers can get the service by default.

Important notes about the service

Maximum duration of one voice message to be sent at once is 180 second.

  • When a new message arrives, you will receive a notification text message. Dial the number code from the text & listen to the message twice for free.

If you need to listen more than 2 times, dial 887 & follow the prompt.

  • All received messages will be saved automatically if you didn’t delete it.
  • Unread VSMS can be saved for a maximum of 90 days.
  • The maximum voice message you can store in the message box is 10 messages.
  • The voice message that you have received as a confidential message cannot be forwarded to other receivers.
  • Messages can be stored for a maximum of 90 days.