Local FBB Wired and Wireless MPLS-VPN


      • Virtual Private Network /VPN/ enables private and public institutions to connect with their various branches and to establish their own private networks.
      • VPN enables you to share information and activate all information technology systems inside your branches via fixed and mobile options.
      • The service is available all over Ethiopia in areas covered by ethio telecom terrestrial and mobile network that support data services.

Ethio provides VPN services through,

  • Mobile Broadband VPN
  • Fixed broadband VPN


Access Speed Monthly rent without CPE
512 Kbps 879.47
1 Mbps 1573.78
2 Mbps 2846.7
3 Mbps 4420.49
4 Mbps 5137.94


  • Bandwidth price is the same for both Fixed Wired and Wireless connections i.e Monthly fee for wireless services (Aironet, Radwin Point to point and other if any are aligned with the wired local MPLS –VPN monthly rent)
  • The tariffs are 15% VAT inclusive
  • Terms and conditions will apply
  • For an access speed >4Mbps, the following formula will be applied: Price of Y= Price of Mbps + 615*(N-4); where Y is the price of required speed and N is the required speed