YIMULU Retailers

Retailers’ benefit when selling airtime using YIMULU

  • In addition to the regular 5% sales commission, you will be eligible for a 5% sales bonus when selling airtime using YIMULU until August 31, 2019.
  • No need to purchase, transport and store voucher cards; you just can purchase any amount of airtime from our wholesaler using your mobil
  • The service brings the possibility of selling flexible denominations to your customers starting from Birr 5 onwards (i.e., Birr 5, Birr 6, Birr 7 etc.).
  • Since it is password protected, the airtime you purchased won’t be used by another person even if you lose your phone.
  • Customers prefer to purchase airtime with YIMULU than voucher cards since they are also eligible for a 5% airtime bonus.

How to sell airtime using YIMULU

  • First, register your phone number at the nearest distributor to you and purchase the desired amount of airtime.
  • Next, when a customer requests to purchase airtime, dial *922#, enter the service number of the customer and airtime amount to conclude the transaction.
  • Both you and your customer will receive a confirmation SMS after the airtime transaction.