Subscribe/register for telebirr

Register for telebirr service & get Br.15 bonus!

You will get 70MB of mobile data bonus when you create your telebirr account via the mobile app.

Customer categories and subscription requirements

Level 1 accounts 

It shall be subject to a maximum daily electronic account balance of Ethiopian Birr 5,000 and there shall not be both a daily and monthly transaction limit.


  • The full name of the applicant/account name
  • The date of birth of the applicant.
  • The mobile telephone number of the Applicant
  • The place of birth of the applicant
  • Recent photograph of the applicant
  • The current residential address of the applicant
  • The applicant shall be introduced by another person who already maintains an account

Level 2 & 3 accounts 

As the previous daily and monthly telebirr transaction limits are lifted, customers can make unlimited electronic transactions


  • Identity card of the user
  • The full name of the applicant /account name
  • The date of birth of the applicant
  • The mobile telephone number of the applicant
  • Recent photo of the user applicant
  • The current residential/business address of the applicant

  • Business license
  • SIM serial number and
  • Address (Town, City, Street, Postal code)

  • Short code
  • Organization name
  • Region
  • Address (Town, City)
  • Postal code
  • Signatory Name
  • Signatory MSISDN
  • Signatory Email

  • Business license
  • SIM serial number
  • Address
  • ID of the legal representative
  • Original valid license
  • Registration form
  • Letter of delegation
  • ID of delegation
  • TIN number

The following renewed customer IDs are accepted for individuals telebirr subscription:

  • Valid kebele ID
  • Valid passport
  • Valid taxpayer’s ID
  • Valid Driver’s license
  • Student ID
  • Employment ID

Definition of terms

  • telebirr is a service in which the mobile phone is used to access financial services such as to store, send, and receive money using their phone number.
  • Master Agent is a legal person who has an overarching agreement with Ethio telecom to contract and manage its agents (including outlets) that provide agent service to customers on behalf of an Ethio telecom. The Master- agent enters contract with the agents for the provision of agent service on behalf of Ethio telecom. 
  • Agent is a person contracted by Ethio telecom to facilitate provision of agency business service in the name and on behalf of Ethio telecom in a manner specified in Use of Agents Directive and other relevant laws
  • Cash-in means the process by which a user exchanges cash for electronic value and transactions resulting in an increase in the users’ electronic money account balance.
  • Cash-out means the process by which a user exchanges electronic money for cash and transactions resulting in a decrease in the users’ electronic money account balance
  • Electronic money means a monetary value represented by a claim on its issuer with the following attributes (I) issued up on receipt of Ethiopian Birr, (ii) it is accepted as a means of payment by persons other than the issuer, (iii) it has equal value with other electronic money issued in Ethiopian Birr, (iv) stored on an electronic device.

How to register for telebirr

You can make seif-registration for telebirr using your own mobile phone via APP, or USSD, or by visiting your near by Ethio telecom’s shop, authorized retail agents or partner bank branches.

  • Create a “New Account”
  • Choose “Quick Create Account” or “Self-Create Account”
    • Enter “Mobile Number” & click on “Get Code”
    • Then you will get 6 digit code via SMS
      Enter the code in the verification code field
      and click “Next
    • Then, you will get your personal editable data which holds:
      • Title
      • ID Type
      • ID Card
      • First, Middle and Last Name
      • Gender
      • Date of Birth
      • Preferred Language
  • After inserting or checking the personal information, click “Submit
  • Then, you will receive default PIN via SMS
  • Enter the default PIN and press login
  • To activate the account, change the default PIN by a new one and click “Finish
  • Finally, you will receive SMS that your account has successfully been activated.
  • Dial *127#
  • Send 1 to register
  • Enter invitation code or send # to skip
  • Again dial *127#
  • Send zero (0) to activate
  • Select language
  • Enter default PIN received from 127 & change to your own PIN.
  • Then you will be notified that your account has been successfully activated.

You can also get registered at authorized agent or Ethio telecom shop by:

    • Visiting the nearby agent or Ethio telecom shop
    • Providing active mobile number and proof of identity to the agent

Invite up to 10 persons to subscribe for telebirr and get 300 Flexi units for yourself!

Ho to send invitations

A) Invite via telebirr mobile app

  1. Go to “My Account” section at the bottom right corner of the app home page
  2. Select “Invite Friends
  3. Enter your friend’s Mobile Number and press “send”

B) Invite via USSD

  1. Dial *127#
  2. Select ‘Invite a friend’ (number 9) on the next page by entering hash symbol #
  3. Insert your friends mobile number
  4. Insert your PIN
  5. Select ‘OK’ to confirm the entered mobile number

You will get a notification message from telebirr (127).

 Tip: The package bonus is valid for 48 hours

For new subscribers

  • Provide Br 15 e-float opening balance for new registration
  • Customers will only use the opening balance to purchase Airtime/package or make P2P
  • 15 Birr incentive will only be provided for active customers.
  • No incentive for 2nd or 3rd time multiple registrations.

70MB free internet

  • Provide 70MB data bonus for customers that download and create telebirr account via mobile app.
  • Push the data bonus to mobile numbers captured during account creation
  • Enable customers, agents, merchants, and master agents to access telebirr application letter for free.

  Telebirr App Usage Terms and Conditions 

  • The following terms and conditions shall apply to the use of Ethio telecom’s telebirr app and the services released. By using this application, you will be deemed to have read, understood, and accepted these Terms and Conditions.
  • Please carefully read this terms and conditions as it is important to inform you the policy, conditions, and responsibility to use the applications and the offers released on it.

Purpose of the agreement

  • The purpose of this agreement is to regulate the terms and conditions under which customers of Ethio telecom (telebirr) services to subscribe and use the app and services/offers available it.

Ethio telecom’s telebirr App

  • It is an application that enables customers to access Ethio telecom (telebirr) services including telebirr financial services (telebirr mela, telebirr sanduq & telebirr Endekise) payments (merchant, Utility, ticket, fuel, bill…), cash-in and cash-out, money transfer, airtime recharge, package purchase, registration, statement, KYC information, My account …etc.

Right and obligation of Ethio telecom

  • Ethio telecom will provide variety of telebirr services to satisfy customers need.
  • Ethio telecom shall have the right to devise, control, regulate and take all necessary measures on the use of the applications and services by the customers.
  • Ethio telecom reserves the right to modify, vary, amend the App, its features and these Terms and Conditions at any time. Such changes will be communicated through Ethio telecom’s website and its social media platforms.


  • Ethio telecom respects customers’ data and their privacy.
  • However, Ethio telecom shall use customers’ data to provide and improve its products and services.

Right and obligation of customers

  • Customers can download the App from Play Store or App store and Install the App on their handset or tablet.
  • Customer shall only use the application for the purpose given and allowed by ethio telecom.
  • If customers use or abuse the App contrary to Ethio telecom’s terms and conditions or applicable legislation, Ethio telecom may prevent their continual usage of the App.
  • Customers must not share their password and account details with anyone else.
  • Customers must let us know by dialing 127 if they think there has been unauthorized use of their account and/or if their phone is stolen or missing.
  • Ethio telecom may require customers to input further information before they can access or launch telebirr App to confirm (authenticate) that they are the registered users of telebirr account.
  • Additional means of authentication may be required such as one-time password (OTP), biometrics detection, security questions or secret codes.
  • Customers will be requested to accept these terms and conditions and Ethio telecom’s privacy policy to enjoy access to several thrilling telebirr products and services on the telebirr App.


  • Ethio telecom reserves the right to add to or amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time.
  • These Terms and Conditions are governed by Ethiopian law.
  • These Terms and Conditions are available on