telebirr Mela (Micro Credit)

It is a method of lending small sum of e-money to individuals and merchants/agents to start or expand a small business.


Medaresha is part of telebirr mela service which will enable public and private employees to get credit if they receive their salary via telebirr


Mela Medaresha




Facilitation fee

Credit amount




Due date

After 90 days/ 3-Months


Repayment schedule

Installment based (Per Month)



After due date (90 days)


0.5% per day


Note: –

  • Credit limit will be from birr 1,000 to 36,000
  • Due date will be after 90 days.
  • Employees will sign an agreement and will take Medaresha credit.

Steps to use Medaresha via telebirr app

  1. Select Financial service
  2. Select telebirr mela
  3. Select Mela medarersha
  4. Check credit limit
  5. Press apply credit
  6. Enter credit amount and press view
  7. Press confirm to finish

Steps to use Medaresha Via USSD (*127#)

  1. Dial *127#
  2. Select 1 (Financial service)
  3. Select 1(telebirr mela)
  4. Select 1 (Apply credit)
  5. Select 4( Medaresha 3 month)
  6. Enter credit amount
  7. Press 1 to confirm

  • If employees repay within 90 days, facilitation fee will be 10%.
  • After due date, they will be charged with 0.5% per day on total outstanding amount
  • Repayment will be automatic when their salary credited on telebirr.
  • Employees can take 30% of their salary as credit
  • Payer organization and employees will sign contract and agreed to pay/receive their salary via telebirr
  • To get Medaresha, they shall receive their salary 3 times (months)
  • When contract agreement signed, they would be whitelisted to 30% of their salary as credit immediately.
  • The credit will be repaid within a month.
  • Company shall confirm their employee's salary payment will continue via telebirr and should inform Ethio telecom a month ahead if their salary payment is stopped due to contract is terminated or other issues.

  • 18-year-old and Above
  • Have an Ethio telecom active SIM card
  • Active user of telebirr and Ethio telecom products such as Data/Voice/SMS
  • At least being telebirr customer for 3 months
  • You can use USSD (*127#) or telebirr app to register.

How to activate and use the service

To activate telebirr mela

  • Go to Financial Service
  • Select telebirr mela
  • Read the terms and conditions
  • tick the check box and press activate.

To take a micro credit

  • Select the desired contract available under telebirr mela Service
  • Check your available credit limit and terms of the offer Select “Apply Credit”
  • Enter “Credit Amount”
  • Press View for details and finally press Confirm to finish.

To pay your credit

  • Go to telebirr mela under telebirr mela Service
  • Select the contract you are going to pay
  • Under the contract details press Pay
  • Enter the amount you want to pay back (partial or full amount) And confirm to finish
  • 18-year-old and above.
  • A customer must have an Ethio telecom active mobile number
  • Six months’ transaction history of the below products will be considered:
    • Airtime & packages purchase,
    • Buy goods/service,
    • Pay bill,
    • Cash in and cash out,
    • Utility payment,
    • Bulk disbursement (salary, Benefit/safety Net…),
    • Receive remittance,
    • Ticket purchase,
    • Fundraising payment,
    • Saving will be considered for transaction fulfilment capability and behavioral preference,
    • telecom usage like Voice, Data and SMS, Network age….

1. The Agreement

    • This Agreement sets out the complete Terms and Conditions (hereinafter called "These Terms and Conditions") which shall be applicable to mela service.
    • These terms and conditions, as well as any related amendments or changes, will become effective once the credit customer has read and accepted them (by clicking on the option to accept).

2. Definitions

 In these Terms and Conditions, the following words and expressions bear the below meanings:

  • “telebirr mela service” is a method of lending small sum of e-money to individuals and merchants/agents to start or expand a small business.
  • “telebirr mela service” means a credit service performed by individual customer with Ethio telecom and which is operated in accordance with the terms and conditions herein contained.
  • “Individual customer” means the person in whose name the telebirr mela Service with telebirr account is existing.
  • “You” “you” or "your" means the individual customer
  • “E-Money” means the electronic monetary value depicted in customers telebirr Account representing an equal amount of cash.
  • “Principal amount” means the amount of money initially borrowed from Ethio telecom.
  • “Transaction Fees” includes the Facilitation Fee, Penalty and any other fees and charges payable for the use of the telebirr Mela
  • “Facilitation fee” means the amount of fee paid by customers for using telebirr mela service.
  • “Penalty fee” means the amount of fee paid by customers if they repay after the due date.
  • “Due date” means the time marked as on time (active credit period) that includes 1፣ 7 and 30 days from the date of credit issued.
  • “Overdue date” means the time marked as the credit is overdue.
  • “Bad debit” means the time marked as bad debit if customers do not repay the outstanding amount within 90 days from the day of credit issued.

3. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

  • Before applying to use telebirr mela service you should carefully read and understand these Terms and Conditions which will govern the use and operation of Micro Credit Account.
  • If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, please click “Cancel” on the Menu.
  • You will be deemed to have read, understood, and accepted these Terms and Conditions:
  • Upon clicking on the “Agree” option on the Menu requesting you to confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to abide with these Terms and Conditions; and/or by using or continuing to use and operate telebirr Mela Service.
  • The terms and conditions may be modified or changed at any time by Ethio telecom and Dashan Bank and will be binding on the customer from the date they are published on the telebirr portal or website.
  • You acknowledge and accept the telebirr mela service only electronically and you agree to do business with Ethio telecom and to operate the telebirr mela service only by electronic means via telebirr system.

4. Activation for telebirr mela Service

  • To activate telebirr Mela service with Ethio telecom, you must be at least:
    • 18-year-old and Above
    • Have an Ethio telecom active SIM card
    • Active user of telebirr and Ethio telecom products such as Data/Voice/SMS
    • Network age three month on telebirr
    • You can use USSD (*127#) or telebirr app to activate
    • You will receive a notification for successful activation

5. Eligibility Criteria to Get telebirr mela Service

  • A customer's borrowing capacity is determined by his or her 6-month telebirr financial activity and telecom usage prior to the date of the credit payment service request. The telebirr transactions listed below are used to determine a customer's creditworthiness.
    • Self (for own & others)-airtime & packages purchase.
    • Airtime recharge and package purchase via agent,
    • Buy goods/service,
    • Self (for own & others)-Pay bill,
    • Pay bill via agent
    • Self-Utility payment (for own & others)
    • Utility payment via agent
    • Bulk disbursement (salary, SafetyNet …)
    • Receive Remittance
    • Ticket purchase
    • Fundraising payment
    • Micro Saving service
    • Telecom usage like Voice, Data and SMS
  • To be eligible, individual customers must use at least one transaction of telebirr service on top of telecom service usage.
  • Six months of transaction or usage (relative month) will be considered for eligibility.

6. Credit Amount and Fees

  • You can borrow any amount between the minimum and maximum amount permitted.
  • You will get the requested credit amount and it will be credited to your main telebirr account (customer e-money account).
  • You should repay your previous credit first to get another credit
  • You can pay your credit partially or fully
  • If you repay your daily and weekly credit within the due date, you will charge 1% and 3% respectively.
  • If you repay monthly (30 Day) credit within the due date, you will charge 6% on day one and 0.138% per day for the rest of the repayment period.
  • After the due date, you will be charged with a penalty fee of 0.5% per day up on repayment.
  • After the due date, the lender will take the outstanding credit amount from your e-money account automatically if you do not repay on time.
  • The bonus/incentive will not be applicable for telebirr mela repayment.

Ethio telecom, in collaboration with Dashen Bank, offers this credit service. Dashen Bank owns and controls the money used to provide credit services. In the event of a defaulted or overdue loan, the bank has full legal authority to sue in a regular court. He is free to pursue alt