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Special telebirr package 

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Send & Receive Money

Send or receive money acoss Ethiopia via telebirr.

Buy Airtime

Easily top-up your mobile service number or others’ using telebirr.

Pay with telebirr

Conveniently pay Ethio telecom bill or purchase tickets (e.g. Unity Park) using telebirr anywhere, anytime.

Scan QR code with your phone to download telebirr SuperApp

International Remittance

Conveniently receive money via your mobile number sent from your loved ones living abroad.

Bulk Payment

Easily pay employees salary or other bulk payments on the go 24/7.


Donate for GERD and other fundraising activities.

Withdraw Cash

Withdraw cash anywhere from your telebirr account at the nearby telebirr agent or Ethio telecom shop.

Deposit Cash

Easily convert your cash into an equivalent electronic money.

Pay for Good & Services

Scan and pay for the goods you purchased & services you get anywhere, anytime.

Buy Mobile Package via telebirr App & Get

Why you should choose telebirr

  • Accessible

    No need to travel, get it at your nearest agent anytime.

  • Fast

    Deposit, transfer, pay the moment you need/ in real-time. Receive confirmation instantly.

  • Reliable

    Rest assured! telebirr is protected by secure system, trusted and dependable operator (no theft, make transactions with no cash at hand)

  • Convenient

    No need to have a bank account or carry cash. Make transactions solely on mobile phone.

  • Multipurpose

    Flexibly deposit, receive, send, spend, and transfer money using your mobile phone.

  • Easy

    Cashless and on tip of your mobile

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • telebirr is a digital cash that enables you access a variety of financial services at ease, with convenience at the tip of your fingers using your mobile phone without the need to have a bank account.
  • It enables cashless payments, which reduces dependency on cash and allows tracking of transaction records. This increases financial security and reduces inherent risks of cash handling such as loss, theft or fraud.
  • telebirr platform is accessible via most basic mobile phones.
  • It helps you purchase goods & services online

  • Airtime is used to purchase only telecom services, whereas telebirr e-money is a payment instrument that can be used to effect telecom and non-telecom payments, send and receive money, and many other things.

With telebirr you can deposit, receive, transfer, pay money and receive international remittance using your mobile number digitally.

  • It allows you to make payments at shops/convenient stores, purchase goods and services online/remotely
  • It enables you to transfer money locally, even when there are no banks in the nearby area and to the people who are geographically inaccessible.
  • It doesn’t require intermediaries for money transfers anymore.
  • It avoids long travel and queue to send/receive money or to pay bills.
  • It enables you to buy telecom services (airtime, package)
  • It provides you credit services to buy airtime and package services.
  • It enables you withdraw physical cash at nearby agents, ethio telecom shops or transfer to your bank account.

  • Any ethio telecom mobile subscriber
  • 18 years or above who is capable of entering a contractual agreement with telebirr.
  • Anyone who can fulfill KYC (know your customer) requirements like active mobile number, recent photo and a valid identity card during subscription.

You can register for telebirr by yourself or visiting the nearby ethio telecom shops or agents.

  1. Self-registration by:
  2. Dialing *127# and following the instructions or
  3. Download telebirr app from Google play /app store/ethio telecom app store and install.
    • Open the downloaded telebirr app -> then click on “create New Account
    • Then you will have two option to register your profile
  • Quick create account
    • Enter your mobile number on the provided space and click on get verification code.
    • You will receive SMS from 127 with the verification code.
    • Then enter the verification code and click next.
    • Then a new page will display to capture your personal information. This option will fetch most of your personal information from our system as per the detailed information provided during your first mobile service subscription. However, you might be requested to fill certain information like gender, region, zone, sub city, woreda, Kebele, house number and nationality.
    • After fulfilling the requested information click on submit and you will receive a confirmation message and redirect to the first login page.
    • Then enter your mobile number and a default PIN code you received from 127. On the first login, it will allow you to change your PIN.
  • Self-create account
    • If you choose this option, you will follow the same step as the above. However, you will fill all the required personal data by yourself. By uploading your identity card and recent photo, you can complete full registration.
  1. Registration at ethio telecom shop or agent:
  • By visiting the nearest authorized telebirr retail agent or Ethio telecom shop.
  • With ethio telecom active mobile number and identity card.

  • No, registration for telebirr service is free. Instead, you will get 15 birr & 70 Mb reward.

  • Yes, you can have multiple accounts with different service number.
  • Account balance and transaction limits will be as per NBE directive.

  • You can deposit cash to your telebirr account by:
    • Visiting an authorized telebirr agent, or ethio telecom point of sales OR
    • Transferring from your linked bank account. Linked partner banks are listed in our website (
  • Withdrawal of cash can be done:

      By visiting a nearby agent/ethio telecom point of sales:

  • Customers can dial *127# or use telebirr App “cash out/withdrawal’’ function from the menu/list of telebirr services.
  • Then enter agent’s ID number /scanning QR code from which cash is to be collected followed by the amount of money to be withdrawn followed by PIN to confirm the amount to be withdrawn.
  • Then agent will give the cash after receiving the electronic money from you.
  • Cash out charge will be applied based on the transaction value range (visit for detail).
  • telebirr will deduct/charge service fee from your account.
  • You can also generate voucher code with specified amount, give /tell the agent and agent will provide you physical cash in return.

  • telebirr (127) will send SMS notification immediately for every transaction.
  • For airtime recharge and bill payment, you will receive additional payment confirmations.
    • Example: bill payment/ recharge confirmation message from ethio telecom (994).

  • telebirr agents are partners that are authorized by ethio telecom to deliver telebirr services to our esteemed customers by fulfilling the required profile set by the National Bank of Ethiopia.
  • Agents educate and register customers, make deposit and withdrawal activities.
  • They also sell airtime, pay bills, transfer money for unregistered customers and other activities on behalf of the customer.
  • Agents will get paid commissions for all the services/transactions they provide to customers.

You can use reward/incentive to purchase airtime, package and/or send to peers/ friends using telebirr app or dialing *127#.

  1. Using Telebirr App - While you make airtime top up or package purchase an option will appear to be selected in the PIN entry page. Tick the “Reward Balance” to use the bonus and proceed.
  2. Using *127# USSD Menu - Dial *127# and select # for next page and Select “Redeem incentive” and follow the procedure.

  • Ethiotel credit service is a credit service offered for telebirr customer to purchase airtime or package.

  • The service is available to all telebirr customers. The credit value is used to purchase airtime/package for yourself and/or to send as a gift for others.
  • The borrowed amount can’t be withdrawn.
  • Ethiotel credit amount will be determined based on the average monthly transaction value and the range up to 250 ETB.

    For more information on Ethiotel credit service eligibility criteria, please visit

  • There is no fixed denomination for credit. You can borrow any amount within the eligible range multiple times.
  • The borrowed airtime credit will be deducted automatically when you make cash deposit or receive payment via telebirr.
  • Ethio telecom charge 10% from each borrowed airtime/package.

  1. Using  telebirr USSD
    1. Step1: Dial *127#
    2. Step 2: Choose # (next) from the menu 
    3. Step 3: Choose Ethiotel credit service
    4. Step 4: Choose Airtime Credit Limit Query
    5. Step 5: Enter your PIN
    6. Finally, your total credit, available and used credit limit will display
  2. Using telebirr App - the total allowable, remaining and borrowed amount will be displayed when we request airtime/ package credit service.

  • Visit our websit ( to know the  location of the nearest agent.
  • Visit our mobile app to discover the location of the nearest agent to your whereabouts.
  • Look for branded telebirr agents around.
  • Inquire the nearby ethio telecom shops.

Scenario I: if you are not registered yet

  • Yes, you can send money to unregistered customer by visiting the nearest telebirr agent/ethio telecom point of sale.
  • You need to provide receiver’s mobile number and your identity card to the agent.
  • Recipient will receive notification from telebirr (agent) with the amount and voucher code that helps him/her to withdraw the money from telebirr agent/ethio telecom point of sale.
  • You should check the completion of the transaction before leaving the agent/shop.
  • OTC (Over the counter) processing fee will be applicable, and you will be charged for the transaction.

Scenario II: if you are registered

  • Yes, you can send money to registered customer by dialing *127# or by using telebirr mobile app.
  • You need to enter receiver’s mobile number and amount.
  • Recipient will receive notification from telebirr with the amount and voucher code that helps him/her to withdraw the money from telebirr agent/ethio telecom point of sale.
  • You will receive a confirmation message from telebirr instantly.
  • Send money processing fee will be applicable and you will be charged for the transaction.

  • By visiting the nearest authorized telebirr agent and providing his/her mobile number and Identity card.
  • By visiting the nearest ethio telecom point of sales and fulfilling the required KYC.
  • Self-registration via USSD/ telebirr mobile app.

  • For the time being you can only send money to any family and friends within Ethiopia.
  • But you can receive remittance from families/friends via our international money transfer partners. Our international remittance partners are listed in our website (

  • Your money in telebirr is safe because:
    • It is protected by secure PIN that should not be shared to anyone.
    • We have deployed state of the art mobile money solution.
    • We have fraud management solution that can identify suspicious and fraudulent activities and take necessary action – we have zero tolerance on fraudulent activities.
    • We have in placed fraud and suspicious transaction reporting and monitoring policies and procedures.
    • We have in placed strong anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing policies.
    • Our partners and staff are trained on those policies and procedures.
    • It is financially regulated service.
  • Moreover, telebirr users (agents, partners and customers) should ensure the confidentiality of their PIN and should not share their secret word to anyone.

  • Yes, telebirr provides the services in five languages (Amharic, Afaan Oromo, Af-Somali, Tigrigna and English)
  • You can choose any of the above languages and switch according to your preferences.
  • To change language please:
    1. Using telebirr USSD
      • Step1: Dial *127#
      • Step 2: Choose My Account from the menu
      • Step 3: Choose Account Management
      • Step 4: Choose Change Language
      • Step 5: Insert your preferred language then confirm
      • Step 6: Enter PIN and you will receive a notification.
    2. Use telebirr mobile app
      • First login then select My account > change language > then select your preferred language
      • Before login you can also change. Select language then select your preferred language   
    3. Send CH to 127 and you will receive the help menu. Then follow the SMS command.
    4. Call to 127 telebirr call center.

  • No, you will not lose your mobile money account, even though you lost your SIM card or phone number.
  • No one can access your telebirr because your account is protected with a six-digit PIN.
  • You can access it once you get your SIM card replaced.
  • The unique identification for your telebirr is your Mobile service number, hence, you can access again using your number and PIN.

  1. If you first set security question – You can reset your PIN by yourself following the below steps.
  • By telebirr mobile App
    • Select forget PIN > then insert your mobile number and select “Get code” then insert verification code and select next button > answer the security question that you filled in before and select submit button > finished. You will receive a new PIN via SMS from 127.
  • By telebirr USSD
    • Step 1: Dial *127#
    • Step 2: Choose My Account from the menu
    • Step 3: Choose Account Management
    • Step 4: Choose Forgot Pin
    • Step 5: Answer the security question that you filled in previously
    • Step 6: Finally, to confirm the reset, choose number 1 (Ok) and you will receive a New PIN from 127
  1. If you didn’t set security question.
    • You can contact our support team/telebirr contact center via dialing on 127 or send text to 126 to reset your telebirr PIN/Password.
    • Our support team will take the necessary caution to make sure you’re the right person to reset the PIN/password by asking question and verifying your profile in our system.
    • After doing so, you will receive a new PIN from 127.

To use telebirr service you must change the new PIN that your received from 127 as per your preference.

  • There are free and paid services depending on the service type
  • Please visit our website ( for tariff details

  • To set security question:
    1. Using telebirr USSD:
      • Step1: Dial *127#
      • Step 2: Choose My Account from the menu
      • Step 3: Choose Account Management
      • Step 4: Choose select change QA
      • Step 5: Select your preferred question number
      • Step 6: Enter your answer
      • Step 7: Confirm your answer by inserting number 1 (Ok)
      • Step 8: Enter your PIN number, then you will receive SMS from 127.
    2. Using telebirr mobile App:
      • First login, then select My Account > select security question > enter your PIN number > select your preferred question and enter the answer then select confirm button > select finish and you will receive SMS from 127.

  • No, changing someone’s PIN without the knowledge of the user is illegal.

  • Yes, you can contact our contact center, send your transaction ID and our team will reverse the transaction within 48 hours. 

Please find here sample short message from telebirr with transaction ID: 8E320N1XB4

  • You can also reverse by yourself, if you send the transaction ID to our telebirr dedicate short code within 30 seconds.
  • Reversal is possible if the amount is available in the account of the other party.
  • Reversal can be done in the following scenario, too:
    • If transfer is made to a wrong number
    • If transfer is done with wrong amount, for the right number.
    • If wrong payment amount is made for bill & airtime
    • If wrong payment is made for a merchant in purchasing of goods/services
      • by contacting the merchant/trader.
      • telebirr will play a facilitation role between the merchant and telebirr customer for the reversal.
      • Yet only the merchant can reverse the transaction.