What is GSM?
GSM Stands for Group Special Mobile, but these days, it is also being interpreted as Global System for mobile. It is the most popular mobile communication system.
Ethio Numbering Scheme

Ethio mobile numbers are made of 10 digits which starts with 911…, 912…, 913…, 920…, 921…, 922…, 930…931….932….933.. …. and followed by six (6) digit subscriber numbers. Example 911-xx-xx-xx

What is a Postpaid Mobile Connection?

A Postpaid mobile service is like any other mobile telephone connections you can get it using ethio telecom SIM Card. You will pay for the service in a monthly bill after getting the service.

Where can I buy prepaid mobile?

Prepaid mobile is widely available at our shops or at any ethio SIM card retailers shops.

How much ethio mobile Connection cost?

Ethio telecom’s mobile connection is available on payment of activation charge of Birr 30 for prepaid/ postpaid service. For the postpaid service based on your usage you will be requested to deposite some amount starting from 250 as a credit limit for the service .

What are the different business mobile options?

Business mobile 100, 250, 500, 1000 & 2500 are the available  options, when you subscribe business mobile you will get a big discount for the voice calls compared to the normal tarif and limited free SMS and mobile internet service.

What is the call charge for mobile?
  • All Incoming calls are free.
  • The tariff for peak time outgoing call per minute is 0.50 cents and 0.35 cents for off peak time per minute including VAT.


What is roaming?

Roaming is a feature of mobile service, which allows you to use your mobile outside Ethiopia .

Can I get International Roaming?

Ethio telecom has International roaming agreement with over 460 partners globally and it increases from time to time .

What is the call charge during roaming?

Please refer ethio mobile Roaming tariff table for latest roaming charges.

How sms ethi tariff charge ?

Ethio telecom charge is 0.20 for national and 2.99 birr for international per one sms (160 characters).

How do I setup my mobile for SMS?

You can send and receive text  through your mobile. Go to the “Mail or Message” option of your mobile handset, then to ‘settings’ and verify whether the Service Center number is +251911299708/07, otherwise set the service centre using this number. This has to be done for the first time only. Now start using SMS.

What is the charge for SMS?

Receiving SMS is free in ethio telecom network. Please refer ethio mobile SMS tariff for detail.

What is the charge of using VMS?

Recording messages into the Voice Mail box is Birr 0.50 cents including VAT similar to outgoing call rate. Retrieving messages from the box is free for two times. For more than two you will be charged 0.12 cents per 30 seconds.

What is the charge for using VMS?

Recording messages into the Voice Mail box is Birr 0.50 cents including VAT similar to outgoing call rate. Retrieving messages from the box is free for two times. For more than two you will be charged 0.12 cents per 30 seconds.

What is CLIP?

CLIP implies Calling Line Identification Presentation. With this feature, the telephone number of the calling party appears on the screen of your mobile.

What is Call Waiting / Call Hold?

Call Waiting / Call Hold facility allows you to receive and hold an incoming call while you are already talking to another person. The handset user manual can guide you to setup to get the service.

What is the charge for CLIP/Call Waiting / Call Hold?

You can get these services free of charge.

What is Call Forwarding?

Call Forwarding allows you to transfer your call to any other phone of ethio, including mobile, fixed and / or WLL, within the home.

what will be my billing cycle.

The billing period for all categories of ethio mobile service is monthly. For more information please click the below link. https://www.ethiochatroom.et/csp-magent-client/index2.jsp

How can I pay when I go on vacation / abroad for longer period?

ou may pay an advance amount, which will be adjusted, in your future bills

What should I do if my mobile phone or SIM Card is lost?

mmediately contact ethio call center at 994 to deactivate your SIM card.

What is the PIN Number?

The Personal Identification Number (PIN) of your SIM Card is a secret number of four digits, which is used to activate the SIM card. You may change the PIN by following the instructions given in handset manual

How can I get my SIM Puk ?

If you  try incorrect PIN code more than three times to your Sim, you will be asked to enter your Sim PUK . To get Your PUK Call *994# and follow the procedure or call 994 by having your contacts number asking you PUK , The right owner name of the sim card and 3 last consecutive dailed numbers.

What should I do if my SIM is damaged?

Damaged SIM’s will be replaced with same mobile number after paying replacement fee of Birr 15.

What should I do if I am unable to make calls?

It is likely that you are in a weak/ no coverage area. The signal bars on your handset screen will show this. Please move to an adjacent location of better network coverage.

How I can get ethio telecom contact center online ?

You can contact us via our online web chat channel from 7:00 AM to 23:00 PM using the below link. https://www.ethiochatroom.et/csp-magent-client/index2.jsp

What is a Prepaid Mobile Connection?

Pre-paid mobile connection is a normal mobile connection where you get a SIM Card but one has to pay for the talk time in advance. You need to regularly recharge it with recharge scratch cards which you buy whenever your prepaid balance gets exhausted. Each recharge has a denomination validity period.

Where can I buy Recharge voucher card?

voucher card  is widely available, at all Distributors and Retailers situated in all places. It is also available at ethio shops in your location.

What are the types of Voucher denomination available ?

You can get in the market the follwoing denomination types of Birr 5, 10, 15, 20, 50, 100, 250, Birr. 500 & 1000 are available.

How can I activate my new sim card?

Detach the sim card from the carrier carefully — insert it to handset–dial 989–press 1 than enter the number that you will hear from the IVR.

How can I settle my monthly postpaid telecom service bills via prepaid mobile voucher cards?

1. Via SMS:
A. For yourself:- write *hidden voucher card number # and send to 805
B. To pay for another number: write *hidden voucher card number* service number# and send to 805.
Example: *hidden voucher card number*09xxxxxx# send to 805.

2. Via short code (USSD):
A. For yourself : enter *805*hidden voucher card number# then dial
B. To pay for another number: enter *805*hidden voucher card number*the service number# then dial. Or follow the instruction just by dialing to *805#.
Example: *805*card hidden number*09xxxxxx# dial

3. via calling to 903:

A. First, dial 903
B. Then, select 1 for balance recharge
C. To settle your bill: select 1 and enter the hidden voucher card’s number then press #.
D. To settle another person/ service number bill select 2 and then enter the service number then press #. Or enter the hidden number and follow the audio instructions.
• Depending on the amount of bill payment you are going to settle, you can use mobile voucher card denominations such as Br.1000, Br.500, Br.250, Br.100, and Br.50, etc. If you choose a prepaid mobile voucher card value higher than your bill amount, the remaining amount will be reserved as an advance payment for your next month’s bill.
• Upon bill settlements, you will receive an automatic SMS confirmation.


List of additional operational Ethio telecom and franchise shops

To get additional ethio telecom franchise shops please use the below links.


How can I recharge airtime to my family living in Ethiopia from abroad?

You can electronically recharge an air time from abroad to your families and friends which are living in Ethiopia using these links  : https://senditoo.com/ or https://www.worldremit.com.