Adrash (credit for employees)

A credit service for employees of private and public institutions whose monthly salaries are paid through telebirr service and enables them to borrow up to 50,000 ETB.

  Credit TypeLoan AmountFacilitation feeRepayment periodAllowed Adrash Credit amount
 telebirr Adrash25% of Salary4%1 Month100 - 50,000
 50% of salary8%2 Month 
 One Month Salary10%3 Month 
 One Month Salary14%4 Month
  • Payer organization will sign contract and agreed to pay salary via telebirr.
  • Customer should receive his/her salary via telebirr
  • Select Financial service with CBE
  • Choose among Adrash credit options
  • Enter amount and press View
  • Confirm after reviewing the details
  • Finish by inserting your PIN

1.Dial *127#
2.Select 1 for Financial Service
3.Select 1 for Credit Service
4.Select 2 for Enderas
5.Select 1 to take credit
6.Select 4 for Adrash
7.Choose among Adrash credit options
8.Enter the amount
9.Press 1 to confirm
10.Finish by entering your pin