As part of our commitment to realize Ethiopia’s digital transformation, Ethio telecom has been playing an enabling  role in the overall development of the Nation, introducing the latest technologies to provide services beyond connectivity.

As a leading digital solutions provider and in alignment with our vision, mission and three years LEAD growth strategy, we have launched our cloud based Contact Center as a Service which enables Enterprises to boost their customers’ satisfaction.

Contact Center as a Service is a cloud based customer experience solution that unlike call center services which were limited to voice services and to handling social media inboxes separately, automates and standardizes the process of receiving and responding to customer requests across different communication channels such as voice, SMS, e-mail, websites, social media and chatbot.

As our Contact Center as a Service provides accessibility through multiple and integrated channels, it boosts customer satisfaction by availing instant responses and reducing call waiting times resulting from long queues.

Moreover, it can provide omni channel live agent support which integrates requests made through different channels and allows the contact center agent to access them all at once thereby empowering the agent to provide full support to the customer and increase customer satisfaction.

It also enables enterprises to better monitor their service quality by expanding customer feedback collection options which was once limited to voice, to service quality rating functionalities such as Customer Satisfaction score, Net Promoter Score & Customer Effort score.

Furthermore, it enables companies to access scalable, less costly contact center solution as it allows them to utilize a contact center providers software without the need to build their own contact center nor the need to hire internal IT support.

On this occasion, we would like to inform companies who wish to use our contact center and boost their customers’ experiences to approach our enterprise service centers and access the service. In the meantime, we commit to continue our work of simplifying life, and empowering businesses making digital Ethiopia a reality by introducing the latest technologies to our esteemed customers.


                                              October 18, 2022

                                                Ethio telecom

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