Supply chain faq

How can I become supplier of Ethio telecom?

The first thing to begin with to become supplier of  Ethio telecom is to get registered in Ethio telecom supplier database. To do so, suppliers are required to submit an online registration application and get approval. For more, please see 'how can I get registered' FAQ.

How can I get registered ?

Ethio telecom has deployed an online self registration platform where prospective suppliers can fill &  submit registration application. Once suppliers submitted their application, they can follow Approval status and queries (if any) via their email address specified during application submission.

How can I submit queries & complaints?

Suppliers are advised to read FAQs before approaching for queries and complaints.  If query or complaint matters are not addressed in the FAQs, suppliers can submit their requests using contact address specified in the 'Contact us' page.

Where to find Ethio telecom tenders?

Regarding tenders floated by Ethio telecom, interested  suppliers can get tender posts  from either of the following sites: