Airtime Top Up

Easily top-up your prepaid service airtime using our electronic airtime recharge system

The service enables you to electronically recharge your prepaid service airtime without scratching voucher cards. You can top up airtime to your mobiles through Yimulu, Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD) and Mobile Wallets.


  • Enables you to electronically recharge prepaid services airtime of any value beginning from Birr 5 upto Birr 5, 000.
  • The service is available at shops, supermarkets and other partner organizations which are giving Yimulu (Electronic Top Up) service throughout the country including our shops.

EVD- Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD)

  • Easily sell mobile airtime with electronic voucher distribution POS machines!

    Are you engaged in mobile card sales?  Having no need of buying, transporting and storing of printed voucher cards, you can easily sell mobile airtime to your prepaid mobile customers using electronic voucher distribution POS machines.

Contact our EVD Wholesale partners

SN EVD Partner Name Telephone E-mail Sub city Woreda HQ. Specific location
1 Highlight Stationary & robel.gebretensae@horizontechict.comArada1Tewodros roundabout
2 Teleport Technologies 929037299yonas@teleportet.comKirkos8Kazanchis
3 251 Ideas 903363636 & & amanuel.seifu@251ideas.comBole8CMC
4 Mekamu Toffik 922838383mekamu2000019@gmail.comAddis Ketema1Mercato
5 Web Sprix IT Solution Kirkos02/03Kazanchis
6 Hedassie Telecom SC 912008306kumnegerdereje@gmail.comKirkos4Tele Garage
7 Nared General Trading 911362400weldemihret@gmail.comAddis Ketema6Pastor
8 Easycom Trading Kolfe15Lideta
9 Namurd Manufacturing 921414686kaleabendris31@gmail.comBole6Gurdshola
10 Alami Industrial Engineering 911213402alami3600@gmail.comBole1Semit
11 XG Telecom and IT Solutions Bole2Wello Sefer
12 Mahi Sied Engineering and Trading 911508751mifseid@gmail.comKolfe13Winget
13 Regent ICT Plc 988729725impacthill@gmail.comNifasilk Lafto3Bisrat Gebreal
14 Mohmmed Abdi 915453051isrish138@gmail.comJijigaJijigaJijiga
15 WB IT 911898317birhan@wbplc.comBole2Bole friendship
16 Smart Digital Technologies Bole2Bole Medhanialem
17 Cardless Payment Transaction Service 942671765/954621089ethiobboy@gmail.cmKolfe6Bethel
18 Sara Mohammed (Next Design) 911401041haymekaba@gmail.comBole3Bole sheger Lingo tower
19 Melay G/Tsadikan MekelleMekelleMekelle
20 Desta Berhe 914300287/ MekelleMekelleMekelle
21 ADC Research and Development Kirkos3Meskel flower
22 Payit Communication Technology Kality1Kality Next to sheger dabo
23 Zehara Hassen 911262656zaharaeliyas@gmail.comDire DawaDire DawaDire Dawa
24 cGrate International Bole2Meskal flower
25 G&H Block Chain PLC Bole2Bole Medhanialem
26 Mohmmed Hassen 911247155/911209415abusebrina@gmail.comArbaminchArbaminchArbaminch
27 Infonans Solution PLC Kirkos1Urael
28 Banna Communciations 911522993asmelash_gebru@yahoo.comArada122 Around Awraris
29 Gat tech trading Plc 913828912atranost@icloud.comKirkos1Dembel Building
30 Ayni Trading 912030008alayni2020@yahoo.comAfarAfarAfar
31 MYBAB Man. Plc 911244513birhanjt1@gmail.comBole8Jakros
32 Chadez Ethio Africa Trading 930279721Bereket Shimekit Kirkos4Bole Rewanda
33 TAF Oil 944191821markosyab@gmail.comBole2Wello Sefer
34 Inad Promotions 920539090inadmarketing@yahoo.comBole2Bole Ednamol
35 TAK Technologies 927707090taktechnologiesplc@gmail.comKirkos1Bole Getu building
36 Kifiya Financial Technology 911211832gad2424kuma@gmail.comKirkos7Beherawi
37 Appdiv System Development 912637046/913227270rajumesifn@gmail.comBole3Bole Gulf Aziz building
38 Ashirek Nuri 964646482nanadushan2009@gmail.comAddis Ketema1Mercato
39 Nextstep Technology Plc 930596869 Bole2Bole Ttropical mall
40 TOP TECHNOLOGY PLC 911233838 Kirkos3Meskel flower Duke building

Our EVD Partners

Top up via Mobile Wallet of our partners

Via CBE- Birr

  • Dial *847# Login to CBE Birr
    • Select buy airtime option from menu
  • To recharge for yourself
    • Select my phone if its own recharge
    • Enter amount
    • Enter PIN
    • Confirm
  • To Recharge for Others
    • Select other phone to recharge other number
    • Enter Phone number
    • Enter amount
    • Enter PIN
    • Confirm
  • An agent can Sale airtime for customers via CBE Birr using the following steps:
    • Dial *847#
    • Step 1. Select business service
    • Step 2.Sale airtime
    • Step 3.Enter Phone number
    • Step 4. Enter amount
    • Step 5. Enter operator ID
    • Step 6. Enter PIN
    • Step 8.Click Ok to Confirm sell air time

CBE Mobile App

    • Open CBE Mobile App
    • Select Top up from the list
    • Select Buy Airtime
    • Insert Mobile Number
    • Insert Amount
    • Click Submit
  • For *889# USSD
    • Dial *889#
    • Select 1 to Login
    • Enter PIN
    • Select More option
    • Select Buy Airtime
    • Enter mobile number
    • Enter amount
    • Confirm

For Awash Bank Customers

  • Dial *901#
  • Enter PIN number
  • Select 2 Mobile bill
  • Choose account you wish to debit
  • Select option 1 mobile prepaid card recharge
  • Select 1 own mobile number
  • Please enter the amount in ETB
  • Select confirm 1

HelloCash Mobile Wallet

  1. Somali Micro Finance: *838*2*4*Service Number*Amount*PIN#
  2. Cooperative Bank of Oromia: *983*2*4*Service Number*Amount*PIN#
  3. Wegagen Bank: *819*2*4*Service Number*Amount*PIN#
  4. Lion International Bank: *803*2*4*Service Number*Amount*PIN#

For United Bank (Hibir Mobile) Customers

  • Dial *811#
  • Enter pin number
  • Enter No.7 Utility Payment
  • Enter 1 Airtime top up
  • Enter 1 top up my number

           o    Select account number

           o    Enter Air time amount

           o    Enter transaction pin

           o    Enter 1 to confirm

  • Enter 2 to Top up another number

           o    Enter the Mobile number to be recharged

           o    Select account number

           o    Enter Air time amount

           o    Enter transaction pin

           o    Enter 1 to confirm

For Berhan Bank Customers

  • Dial *881#
  • Enter PIN
  • Enter option 5 (Bill Payments)
  • Enter option 1 for Airtime Top Up
  • If the phone number is prepaid service, enter option 1 for prepaid,
  • Else if the phone number is postpaid service user, enter option 2 for postpaid
  • Enter the source account which needs to be debited
  • Select the Beneficiary Mobile:
    • Enter 1 to recharge for yourself,
    • Enter 2 to recharge for other number
  • Enter amount
  • Enter the six-digit security code
  • Confirm the amount by entering option 1

For Abay Bank Customers

  • To recharge your mobile
    • Dial *812#
    • Enter PIN
    • Choose “7” from menu and Press “Send”
    • Choose “1” from menu and Press “Send”
    • Choose Source Account from menu and Press “Send”
    • Enter the amount to recharge.
    • Enter PIN to confirm
  • To Recharge for others
    • Dial *812#
    • Enter PIN
    • Choose “7” from menu and Press “Send”
    • Choose “2” from menu and Press “Send”
    • Choose Source Account from menu and Press “Send”
    • Enter phone number
    • Enter the amount to recharge.
    • Enter PIN to confirm

For Oromia Bank Customers

  • Dial *840#
  • Enter PIN
  • Select 3 (Airtime Top Up) for mobile Air time top up
  • Select 1 (For Yourself) to recharge for yourself
    • Enter amount to be recharged
    • Select account to be deducted
    • Enter 1 to confirm or 2 to cancel
  • Select 2 (For Gift) to recharge other mobile number
    • Enter Mobile Number to be recharged
    • Enter amount to be recharged
    • Select account to be deducted
    • Enter 1 to confirm or 2 to cancel

For Ebirr Customers/ E-birr Mobile Wallet

  • Dial *841#
  • Enter PIN number
  • Select 6 mobile card
  • Select option 1 self-Airtime recharge
  • Enter amount
  • Confirm recharge 1 Yes

For Sahay Mobile Banking (Rays MFI) Customers

    • Dial *873#
    • Enter PIN
    • Select Purchase Airtime from the menu
  • Select my number to recharge your mobile
    • Enter amount
    • Confirm
  • For other Number
    • Enter the required phone number
    • Enter amount
    • Confirm


  • Dial *818#
  • Select option 4
  • Select 1 to recharge your mobile and
  • Select 2 to recharge another person mobile
  • Select from the list 1-9 for Birr amount
  • Enter PIN
  • Select 1 for Confirm or 2 for cancel

Bunna Bank

  • Dial *820#
  • Enter PIN
  • Select Airtime from the list
  • Select Account number
  • Select Top up type
  • Select your option: - Recharge own mobile or Recharge other mobile
  • Enter Amount
  • Confirm

Enat Bank

  • Dial *845#
  • Enter PIN
  • Select 4 (Payment)
  • Select 1 (Airtime)
  • Select account number to be deducted
  • To recharge for your mobile:

           o  Select 1 (for recharge own mobile)

           o  Enter amount to be recharged

           o  Enter 1 to Confirm or 2 to Cancel

  • To recharge for others:

           o  Select 2 (for recharge other mobile)

           o Enter mobile number to be recharged

           o  Enter amount to be recharged

           o  Enter 1 to Confirm or 2 to Cancel

You can also use Enat Bank Mobile App by available @ App Store or Google Play Store.

Our Mobile Wallet Top Up Partners