Getting Started


Getting Started

Welcome to our mobile services! Enjoy plenty of our mobile offers!

  • 125 Min/ 50 Birr
  • 245 Min/ 75 Birr
  • 345 Min/ 100 Birr
  • 1 GB/ 75 Birr
  • 2 GB/ 120 Birr
  • 125Min+2GB+50SMS/ 155Birr
  • 375Min+2GB+50SMS/ 215Birr

  • Bonus package prorated upon for three months.
  • CRBT default tone for one month’s either normal or calling, user will get notification service expiry date.
  • Customers can purchase unlimited services for voice/internet weekly and monthly.
  • Unlimited packages have no free bonus package, but only CRBT default apply.
  • Combination of voice and internet package possible and get discount on both.
  • The package could not be shared to others.
  • Unutilized bonus will expire at the end of validity period
  • In case customer get lost SIM before using replacement with previous packages remaining kept.
  • SMS notification will send to customer after activation the SIM.
  • Customer want to purchase both voice + internet can get the bonus in both services.
  • The 3G and 4G data only subscribers are eligible and prepaid, postpaid and hybrid eligible for the bundle.
  • Residential and enterprise customers are eligible for SIM starter bundle.


An eSIM is a SIM card that is embedded in a mobile device and can connect you to any operator offering eSIM services. It is an evolution of the physical SIM card with smartphones, tablets and laptops are being equipped with an eSIM card.
The eSIM technology provides both a primer to introduce the basics of Remote SIM Provisioning technology and an introduction to the detailed technical specifications for both the consumer solution & M2M solution channels.


  • Connectivity without physical SIM.
  • Simple and efficient connection
  • Allows to have more than one phone number (SIMs) in a device
  • Switch devices/operators easily
    Customer access their home number while moving (connectivity anywhere)
  • No longer to manage several SIM cards

New Mobile Service Subscription Tips, Subscription Fee & Benefits

Prepaid Mobile Service

Top-up airtime in advance

Benefits Attached


Postpaid Mobile Service

Pay monthly bills after getting the service

Benefits Attached


Hybrid Mobile Service

Prepaid+postpaid plan with a single SIM

Benefits Attached


Subscription Requirements:  

  • You need to bring a valid kebele ID, driving license or passport
  • You need to sign on an electronic agreement (eCAF)
  • You can buy your preferred service at any of our shops
  • You can also buy prepaid mobile service at authorized retailers’ shop

How to get started with a new mobile service:

  • Insert the SIM card into your handset.
  • Enter your PIN (if requested).
  • Please dial 989 to activate your prepaid service and follow the instructions.

Tip: Applies for all 2G, 3G & 4G mobile services

Pay-As-You-Go Mobile Service Tariffs


  • Peak hour: Br. 0 50 / Minute
  • Off-peak hour, Sundays & public holidays: Br. 0.35/Minute


  • Data (2G, 3G, 4G): Br. 0.20 / MB
  • SMS: Br. 0.20 / SMS

Special Service Codes to Know

Balance Request*804# dialTo check your airtime balance, available credit limit & available outstanding package amount
Balance Request*804*service number*password*# & dialTo check other service number airtime balance, available credit limit & outstanding package amount including 3G, 4G and EVDO data only package
Airtime top-up*805*hidden number # dialTo top up airtime
3rd Party Recharge*805* hidden number*subscriber number*amount# DialTo top up airtime for friends and relatives
Ethio Gebebeta*999# Dialú To buy a discounted voice, internet & SMS service packages for yourself or to send it as a gift for your family & friends.
Credit Transfer*806*Mobile number* amount # dialTo transfer airtime to friends/ family
Call Me Back*807*Recipient phone number# dialTo request for call back to a friend & family
Airtime Credit ServicesSMS A, C or L to 810To request airtime credit
CRBTSend A to 822To subscribe
CRBTSend U to 822To unsubscribe
CRBTSend T to 822To know the top 10 CRBTs
CRBTSend HELP to 822To get basic information about the service
Voice Mail ServiceSend S1 to 824To subscribe for voice mail service
Voice Mail Servicesend D to 824To deactivate voice mail service/temporarily /
Voice Mail ServiceSend A to 824To reactivate voice mail service
Reachability Alertsend D1 to 824To deactivate reachability alert service
Reachability Alertsend A1 to 824To reactivate reachability alert service
Missed Call Notificationsend D2 to 824To deactivate missed call notification service
Missed Call Notificationsend A2 to 824To reactivate missed call notification service
Reachability Alert & Missed Call Alertsend D3 to 824To deactivate reachability and missed call alert service
Reachability Alert & Missed Call Alertsend A3 to 824To reactivate reachability and missed call alert service
Voice SMS845To listen to a new voice SMS
Voice SMS886To send voice SMS
Voice SMS887To listen to old/saved voice SMS
EVDO & CDMA Top-up903To recharge EVDO & CDMA 1x
Customer ServiceDial 994To contact our customer service advisors
Customer ServiceSMS to 8994
Customer ServiceFacebook:
Customer ServiceFacebook:

After Sales Service Fees

Service type For Prepaid in ETB For Postpaid in ETB
Reconnection without SIM card 15 15
Reconnection with SIM card 30 30
Replacement 15 15
Change from postpaid to prepaid 30
Change from prepaid to postpaid Free
Upgrade from 2G to 3G/4G Free
Monthly rent Free 28.75
Change of name Relative 15
Non-relative 30
       Tip: All tariffs are VAT inclusive.