Optical wavelength service is a fiber optic-based point to point, high bandwidth, delivery service.



  • High bandwidth
  • High security- it is secure enough to be used by very high security sensitive organizations. Because each data channel is separated from other data by wavelength (or frequency), there is no overlap in the data. Moreover, wavelength services are isolated from the public internet.
  • Service level agreement (SLA)
  • Static path and dedicated bandwidth and
  • Protected & Low latency and low jitter

Wavelength Tariff

Monthly rent per one connectivity without protection

Bandwidth Metro Domestic
1 Gbps208,800307,300
2 Gbps267,300395,200
3 Gbps341,500507,600
4 Gbps434,400650,200
5 Gbps552,000823,200
6 Gbps699,2001,063,100
7 Gbps883,7001,356,200
8 Gbps1,115,2001,683,600
10 Gbps1,496,7002,093,200
20 Gbps2,142,4003,426,400
40 Gbps3,095,6005,019,000
100 Gbps4,785,0007,858,800


Metro: If both sides are within one city, they considered as Metro. It also includes around the city not more than 15 KM.

Domestic: If both sides are between the city the considered as Domestic

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