Airtime Credit

Use our Airtime Credit Service when your mobile airtime balance is low & unable to top-up.

To get the service, send A, C or L to 810 and follow the instructions.

Eligibility Matrix

Minimum Subscription Duration Minimum Average Monthly Recharge (in Birr) Eligible for (Birr)

3 Months
30 5
50 5,10
70 5,10,15
200 5,10,15,25
400 5,10,15,25,50
600 5,10,15,25,50,100

When can I use ACS?

  • When your balance is low,
  • When a top-up option is unavailable around,
  • When you do not have the money to buy airtime at the moment.

Who is eligible to use airtime credit service?

  • Active prepaid (not postpaid and hybrid) mobile service customers,
  • Customers who have been on our network for a minimum of 3 months,
  • Customers with a minimum top-up of 30-birr airtime per month,
  • Customers whose service number is not barred, blacklisted, or suspended,
  • Customers who have fully paid their previous airtime credit.

Using the service you can get the airtime amount you need for only a 10% service charge to be paid back on your next top-up.