International Data Services

Connect Your Branches across the Globe with International Data Service

Our international data service provides you with your own private network on both shared and dedicated options to meet your global connectivity demands. The product portfolio is expanded adding new service options and the existing ones have seen a significant price reduction.

Available services
L3 MPLS (Multi packet label switching) (38% discount)

It is a secured any-to-any IP based connectivity service for customers who want private VPN service throughout their network. This L3 MPLS service rides over ethio telecom MPLS core network, providing a reliable and high performing connectivity for enterprises who have their offices around the world.

L2 MPLS (VPLS (Virtual private LAN service)) (new)

Creates a completely private network, where your business exercises full control. Separate your data from outside traffic and the public internet, creating a seamless and secure connection between all your office locations around the globe.

IPLC (International Private Leased Circuit) (85% discount)

Quality and resilient connectivity for mission-critical applications that require highly secure and dedicated bandwidth between two key business locations
Benefits of the services
Performance: Enable business applications run more efficiently

Security: Keep data secure and meet compliance regulations
Resilience: Reduce risk of network failures that harm business
Coverage: Extensive global coverage to all branches across the world
One stop service: Contact just one service provider for ordering, billing and support
For additional information please contact
Elisabeth Mekonnen
Mob. No.: +251911502509 Or visit our Sales Division located next to Lycée Gebremariam School
on Churchill Avenue