Virtual Private Network (VPN)


  • VPN enables private and public institutions to connect with their various branches and to establish their own private networks.
  • The service enables you to share information and activate all information technology systems inside your branches via fixed and mobile options.
  • It is available all over Ethiopia in areas covered by our terrestrial and mobile network that support data services.

We provide VPN services through:

  • Mobile Broadband VPN
  • Fixed Broadband VPN

Mobile VPN Monthly Package Offers

Package Price
1 GB
50 Birr
2.5 GB
100 Birr
5 GB
200 Birr
8 GB
310 Birr
15 GB
420 Birr
20 GB
500 Birr
999 Birr

  • To subscribe for the service, enterprise customers shall visit our nearby business service centers.
  • For unlimited yearly long validity mobile VPN package, customers shall make payment in advance for the year. The attached resources will be recurring every 30 days for the 12 months starting from the date of subscription.
  • The validity for yearly long validity VPN packages will be 12 moths or 360 days.
  • Subscribers of enterprise long validity mobile package should not get loyalty program Ashamtele points.
  • Existing mobile VPN business rules shall be applied for revised VPN Packages.

Fixed Broadband VPN

Fixed Wired and wireless broadband VPN helps companies to connect Branches application and data center to head office. It is a service that enables secured communications inside an organization.

The VPN uses a shared public telecommunication infrastructure, such as internet, to provide remote offices or individuals secure access to their organization’s network and data.

We offer VPN service mainly through MPLS (Multi-Protocol Labeled Switch), the most cost-effective way to have a secured connection between different sites/branches of an organization.

Benefits of VPN service

  • Secured Data Communication
  • You can manage your geographically scattered branches from in one place
  • Business continuity
  • Reduces operational cost of your business

Fixed Broadband Local MPLS VPN Tariff

Access SpeedMonthly Rent in Birr
64 Kbps249
1 Mbps399
2 Mbps499
3 Mbps899
5 Mbps1,439
6 Mbps1,689
7 Mbps1,970
8 Mbps2,250
10 Mbps2,750
12 Mbps3,130
16 Mbps4,173
20 Mbps4,699
27 Mbps5,760
30 Mbps6,980
40 Mbps9,100
60 Mbps12,620
100 Mbps19,990
150 Mbps29,979
200 Mbps39,950
300 Mbps59,899
500 Mbps99,799
800 Mbps152,375
1024 Mbps195,000


  • All tariffs are VAT inclusive
  • For more than 1Gbps access speed price:

Y= 1Gbps price +200 *(N-1024)

  • Where Y is the price of the required access speed (in, Gbps) with VAT
  • N: the required access speed
  • The constant 200: per Mbps price
  • Requested access speed shall be entered in Mbps in the above formula.
  • The constant number 1024: the Mbps equivalent for 1Gbps
  • Subscription, reconnection, name change, ownership change and line shifting/relocation fees are free.

Fixed Wireless Broadband VPN


It is a VPN service with wireless access but fixed in a certain location. The service can be given through different access methods like Aironet and VSAT.


  • Used as wireless back up for business continuity
  • Reduces operational cost
    of business
  • Facilitates connectivity where there is no territorial (wired network)
  • Scalability – Customers enjoy faster provisioning to connect new sites, new
    users, and new applications
  • High Availability
  • Security and customer-defined access control – Customers can enforce their private security policy to administrate which users can access which portions of the network.


Speed   option Old Monthly Tariff New Monthly Tariff
512 Kbps 14,517.19 13,040
1 MB 27,465.21 14,735
2MB 53,361.25 20,629
4 MB New offer 28,880
5 MB New offer 31,768
Old New
Subscription   fee 54,942.80 41,923


  • For VSAT Broadband Voice + VPN service request, voice subscription and rental fee will be added on top of the VPN subscription and rental fee
  • Voice only service can’t be offered
  • Voice channel request: maximum of 6 voice channels provided to one customer
  • The subscription and usage tariff for voice channel will be the same as fixed line
  • Usage tariff not included in this tariff
  • All tariffs are VAT inclusive
  • The subscription fee is inclusive of stamp duty