Virtual Private Network (VPN)


  • VPN enables private and public institutions to connect with their various branches and to establish their own private networks.
  • The service enables you to share information and activate all information technology systems inside your branches via fixed and mobile options.
  • It is available all over Ethiopia in areas covered by our terrestrial and mobile network that support data services.

We provide VPN services through:

  • Mobile Broadband VPN
  • Fixed Broadband VPN

Mobile VPN Monthly Package Offers

Mobile VPN Monthly Package Tariff
Package Type Old Price New    Price
1GB Bir.100 Bir. 75
2GB Bir.190 Bir.   130
4GB Bir. 350 Bir. 250
8GB Bir. 600 Bir.   450
10GB Bir. 700 Bir. 520
20GB Br.   1300 Bir.   890
Unlimited Bir. 3000 Bir. 1510

Fixed Broadband VPN

Fixed Wired and wireless broadband VPN helps companies to connect Branches application and data center to head office. It is a service that enables secured communications inside an organization.

The VPN uses a shared public telecommunication infrastructure, such as internet, to provide remote offices or individuals secure access to their organization’s network and data.

We offer VPN service mainly through MPLS (Multi-Protocol Labeled Switch), the most cost-effective way to have a secured connection between different sites/branches of an organization.

Benefits of VPN service

  • Secured Data Communication
  • You can manage your geographically scattered branches from in one place
  • Business continuity
  • Reduces operational cost of your business


Wired MPLS-VPN Fixed Wireless MPLS-VPN
Monthly usage fee Subscription fee Monthly usage fee Subscription fee
256Kbps 712.5 1,373.92 831.25 1,373.92
512 Kbps 1,425.00 1,373.92 1,662.50 1,373.92
1 Mbps 2,550.00 1,373.92 2,975.50 1,373.92
2 Mbps 4,612.50 1,373.92 5,381.25 1,373.92
3 Mbps 7,162.50 1,373.92 8,356.25 1,373.92
4 Mbps 8,325.00 1,373.92 9,712.50


  • Prices are exclusive of VAT
  • Tariff does not include Modem price

Fixed Broadband Local MPLS VPN Tariff

Access SpeedMonthly Rent(ETB)
1 Mbps499
2 Mbps899
4 Mbps1439
5 Mbps1689
6 Mbps2019
8 Mbps2500
10 Mbps3130
15 Mbps4380
20 Mbps5750
25 Mbps5780
30 Mbps8500
35 Mbps9870
40 Mbps11,250
50 Mbps13,940
60 Mbps16,320
80 Mbps21,270
100 Mbps27,490
200 Mbps52,490
500 Mbps129,470
600 Mbps152,375
700 Mbps174,320
800 Mbps195,200
900 Mbps219,999


  • All tariffs are VAT inclusive
  • For more than 1Gbps access speed price:

Y= 1Gbps price +200 *(N-1024)

  • Where Y is the price of the required access speed (in, Gbps) with VAT
  • N: the required access speed
  • The constant 200: per Mbps price
  • Requested access speed shall be entered in Mbps in the above formula.
  • The constant number 1024: the Mbps equivalent for 1Gbps
  • Subscription, reconnection, name change, ownership change and line shifting/relocation fees are free.

Fixed Wireless Broadband VPN


It is a VPN service with wireless access but fixed in a certain location. The service can be given through different access methods like Aironet and VSAT.


  • Used as wireless back up for business continuity
  • Reduces operational cost
    of business
  • Facilitates connectivity where there is no territorial (wired network)
  • Scalability – Customers enjoy faster provisioning to connect new sites, new
    users, and new applications
  • High Availability
  • Security and customer-defined access control – Customers can enforce their private security policy to administrate which users can access which portions of the network.


Speed   option Old Monthly Tariff New Monthly Tariff
512 Kbps 14,517.19 13,040
1 MB 27,465.21 14,735
2MB 53,361.25 20,629
4 MB New offer 28,880
5 MB New offer 31,768
Old New
Subscription   fee 54,942.80 41,923


  • For VSAT Broadband Voice + VPN service request, voice subscription and rental fee will be added on top of the VPN subscription and rental fee
  • Voice only service can’t be offered
  • Voice channel request: maximum of 6 voice channels provided to one customer
  • The subscription and usage tariff for voice channel will be the same as fixed line
  • Usage tariff not included in this tariff
  • All tariffs are VAT inclusive
  • The subscription fee is inclusive of stamp duty

Fixed Broadband Wireless International MPLS VPN

We provide international MPLS (Multi-Protocol Labeled Switch) and IPLC (International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) to meet the growing demand of multinational and international organizations for secured international connectivity.

Both International MPLS and IPLC Services enable customers (mainly Multi-National corporations and International organizations to extend their reach into key overseas locations. It provides the means to establish connectivity for enterprise customers into their premises worldwide.

  • International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) is an internationally dedicated and secure digital point-to-point leased line service between two international locations, tailored to transmit data with utmost reliability and security.
  • International MPLS is a secured, cost effective and shared service to connect two international locations.
Cost effective Dedicated end to   end
Efficient Most Secured
Secured Managed bandwidth

Both International MPLS and IPLC services can be offered with two options:

  • Full Circuit IPLC/ International MPLS: with this solution you can get end to end connection and is offered under OSS (One Stop Shop). E.g. If Coca cola Ethiopia Branch requests to be connected with HQ in USA, we will provide end to end connectivity by partnering with international operators/partners who have an agreement with us.
  • Half Circuit IPLC/ International MPLS– With this solution we will provide you a half leg IPLC or international MPLS connection from customers’ premise located in Ethiopia up to any of Ethiopian boarders and this service will be delivered with two scenarios:
  • Scenario 1: – we will provide connectivity only up to any of Ethiopian boarder. Customer will be obliged to make payments based on the up-to-boarder tariff.
  • Scenario 2: – we can provide extended Half Circuit International MPLS up to London.  The customer is obliged to make the payments based on the

up-to-London tariff.

Mobile Broadband VPN service

VPN is an extension of Virtual Private Network (VPN) to the mobile broadband access mechanism. The service is provided through 4G, 3G & EVDO options.

It allows people or branches to access the LAN environment in a secure and simple manner while away from the office environment.
Each connection is defined by a unique, private Access Point Name (APN).


  • Mobility

    Fast Broadband VPN connection on the move. Employees and managers of an organization can directly access their organizations ‘network while on the move wherever the respective network is available.

  • Backup

    – providing a VPN connection as back up service in cases the wired network is disconnected and also a main connection provider where wired network service is not available.

  • Secure Connection

    – It allows people or branches to access the LAN environment in a highly secure and simple manner from a remote distance. Each connection is defined by a unique, private Access Point Name (APN).

  • Unlimited usage

    access to unlimited data usage with fixed monthly payment.

  • Limited Package

    access the limited package with specific price and out of package usage with 35 cents/Mb.

VPN Package Service

  • Tariff

    Service type Packages Price in birr Subscription Out of package usage

    3G/4G VPN
    10GB 1200 1000
    35 cents/Mb
    20GB 2200 1000
    Unlimited 3000 1000
    EVDO VPN Unlimited 2000 1000
    3 Mbps 7,162.50 1,373.92 8,356.25 1,373.92
    4 Mbps 8,325.00
    1,373.92 9,712.50

  • Note

    • All prices include15% VAT.
    • Currently 4G service is available only in Addis Ababa.
    • When you are out of 4G network coverage area, you will be automatically switched to 3.75G network.
    • 3G service is available in Addis Ababa & regions.
    • EVDO service is currently on sales in regions where 3G deployment is not finalized.
    • Package validity period is 30 days.

Local FBB Wired and Wireless MPLS-VPN

Local FBB Wired and Wireless MPLS-VPN

  • ethiotelecom provides VPN services through

    • Mobile Broadband VPN, &
    • Fixed broadband VPN

  • Enterprise Fixed Broadband Internet VPN Price

    • Up to 72% Discount
    • Keep your budget and get access speed 5 times the previous speed
    • Enjoy Average of 65% discount