Fixed Broadband Internet

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Fixed wired broadband internet is a high speed internet service provided through copper or fiber with different access speed options starting from 1 Mbps. The payment is on fixed monthly basis irrespective of the volume of usage.

Tariff   & Access Speed
Access Speed Monthly rent in ETB Access Speed Monthly rent in ETB
1 Mbps 709 60 Mbps 18,100
2 Mbps 999 70 Mbps 20,900
4 Mbps 1,575 80 Mbps 23,800
5 Mbps 1,875 100 Mbps 29,700
6 Mbps 2,155 150Mbps 44,300
8 Mbps 2,750 200 Mbps 58,900
10 Mbps 3,440 250Mbps 73,400
15 Mbps 4,900 300Mbps 88,200
20 Mbps 5,900 400Mbps 117,600
25 Mbps 7,300 500 Mbps 146,700
30 Mbps 9,200 600 Mbps 165,100
35 Mbps 10,700 700 Mbps 205,200
40 Mbps 12,200 800 Mbps 263,800
45Mbps 13,600 1Gbps 300,100
50 Mbps 15,100


  • Subscription, reconnection, or name change fee is FREE
  • For more than 1Gbps access speed price, the price of the requested speed shall be using the below formula:
  • Y= 1Gbps price + 250*(N-1024)
  • Where Y is the price of the required access speed,
  • N: The requested access speed, The constant 250: per Mbps price
  • Requested access speed shall be entered in Mbps in the above formula.
  • The constant number 1024: the Mbps equivalent for 1Gbps.
  • The package will be available for a month only, i.e. unused package will not be transferred to the next month.
  • For connection request beyond 500 Meter from the connection point, an installation fee per meter will be added.
  • ADSL Modem price is ETB 1,349.
  • The price of the CPE (modem) may vary depending on the actual market price and product brand type.
  • All prices are VAT inclusive.
  • To apply for the service visit our online services.

Fixed Wireless Broadband Internet

Fixed wireless broadband internet is a service with wireless access but fixed in a certain location. We have been providing Fixed Wireless Broadband internet service in different options i.e Aironet and VSAT.

Fixed wireless broadband signals are broadcasted from a wireless base station to a receiver. The receiver is usually a fixed aerial, antenna or dish device which you mount on your building in a similar manner to a satellite dish. There needs to be a clear line of sight between the base station and the receiver for the service to work.

Telecom Service Via Satellite (VSAT)

Telecom Service Via Satellite (VSAT)

  • The service enables you to reliably transfer data, video, and voice via satellite. The services are availed through broadband.
  • Offers connectivity for rural telecom, school net, Wereda-net, Agri-net, distance learning, telemedicine, as well as a host of corporate and government Companies.
  • Is mainly provided where the territorial network is not available or as a backup.

Benefits of VSAT


  • Best alternative when there’s no wired network.
  • Reliable backup link for wired broadband
  • Ability to handle Voice, Video and Data 
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Accessibility
  • Availability

VSAT Tariff

        Terms and Conditions:

  • The minimum contractual agreement period is 5 years
  • If you want to terminate the service before the agreement period, contract exit repayment rule will be applied i.e. 810.80 birr multiplied by the remaining month.
  • The service is mainly provided where the territorial network is not available or as a backup to address connectivity of rural telecom, school net, Wereda-net, Agri-net, distance learning, telemedicine, as well as a host of corporate and government companies.
  • The subscription fee & usage tariff for voice channel will be the same as fixed line.
  • Voice only service can’t be offered
  • Maximum of 6 voice channels is provided to one customer
  • All prices are VAT inclusive.

VSAT Tariff

Fixed Broadband VSAT Internet new tariff
Access Speed TotalSubscription fee
256 Kbps8,043.1854,924.18
512 kbps14,517.1954,924.18
1Mbps 27,465.2154,924.18

B. Fixed Wireless Broadband Internet AIRONET Service

The service supports up to 54Mbps downloading capacity near the source. This service is provided with a wireless CPE technology in two ways:

  • Aironet point to point: you will have a dedicated Aironet modem in both sides
  • Aironet point to multi point: you will be connected to a shared Aironet modem on our side

Benefits of the service

  • Best alternative when there’s no wired network
  • Backup link for wired broadband
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability

Modem subscription fee & monthly rent - Aironet

Aironet Suscription Monthly Rent
Point to multi point 16,218.45 1,761.49
Point to point
81,094.57 1,238.90

Modem subscription fee & monthly rent - RADWIN

Point to Point Equipment10KM20KM40KM
SubscriptionMonthly rentSubscriptionMonthly rentSubscriptionMonthly rent
After VAT6,500.001 ,404.7678,000.001,647.6990,500.001,911.74

Government Projects Discount

Projects Discount %
School Net 50%
Woreda Net 8%
Health Net 8%


  • Discount will be applied on the existing unlimited enterprise fixed BB internet and VPN services