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Unlimited CUG (Closed User Group )

Provides a platform where you can facilitate Unlimited Voice and SMS communication among your employees for FREE.

Enhance productivity and work efficiency!

Monthly Tariff

Member RangeUnlimited Voice + SMS CUG per User (Birr)Unlimited Voice CUG per User (Birr)

5 - 20

Above 1008580

  • The service is available for prepaid, postpaid, and hybrid users. However, the Unlimited CUG main account (the payer) shall be postpaid.
  • Machine to Machine, Data only, Fixed-Line, and Fixed Broadband service numbers cannot be added to the unlimited CUG group.
  • Membership of individual customers is possible as far as the unlimited CUG enterprise customer requests through a letter.
  • The buyer company shall pay the monthly rent per bill cycle for all subscribed numbers.
  • The minimum allowed CUG members in one group must be five.
  • One service number shall belong to only one user group at a time.
  • Unlimited mobile Voice calls and SMS allowed among the CUG group members only.
  • If one of the members in the group gets suspended due to different reasons, the other members shall not be impacted.
  • The service does not include calls outside CUG group members, short code numbers, and international numbers as well as internet browsing. The listed services are charged to the individual account at the prevailing tariff.
  • The buyer company has the privilege to add or remove members at any time of the month, but it is advisable to do it at the beginning of the month since it protects the company from effecting monthly rent payment at the end of the billing cycle.
  • All prices are VAT inclusive.

Business Mobile with Closed User Group (CUG)

By using CUG service, when your organization group members finish their subscribed business mobile package and make a call with each other you will get an additional discount of 0.35 cents per Minute .

Type of BusinessBudgetBudgetBudgetBudgetBudgetBudgetBudgetBudgetBudgetBudget
Monthly Line Rent100150200250300350400450500. 600
CUG Option25.325.325.325.325.325.325.325.325.325.3
         Total Monthly Payment       125.3175.3225.3275.3325.3375.3425.3475.3525.3625.3
Free Texts305050508080808080100
Free MB555555050505050
OOBMobilePrevailing Prices
RatesFixedPrevailing Prices
CUGBr 0.35
InternationalPrevailing Prices
RoamingPrevailing Prices
Other CallsPrevailing Prices

  • Using your postpaid mobile, the service allows you to make local voice calls at a discounted rate compared to the normal mobile tariff.
  • The service offers you a low-cost per minute local voice call, limited free local SMS and mobile internet access for a fixed monthly rent.

    • OOB= out of Bundle,
    • CUG= close user group
    • All tariffs are VAT inclusive

Business Mobile Without CUG

Type of Business
Business Business Business 830 Business 1660 Business 4150
166 415
Line Rent in Birr 60 140 270 540 1350
Minutes in number 166 415 830 1660 4150
Free Texts in number 30 50 80 100 350
Bundle Free MB in capacity 5 5 5 50 50
OOB Rates Mobile Prevailing Prices
Fixed Prevailing Prices
International Prevailing Prices
Roaming Prevailing Prices
Other   Calls Prevailing   Prices

Budget Based / Hybrid Business Mobile (Without CUG)

Types of Business Budget 100 Budget 150 Budget 200 Budget 250 Budget 300 Budget 350 Budget 400 Budget 450 Budget 500 Budget 600
Monthly Line Rent in Birr 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 600
Bundles Minutes 280 450 750 930 1080 1230 1380 1545 1845
Free Texts 30 50 50 50 80 80 80 80 80 100
Free MB 5 5 5 5 5 50 50 50 50 50
OOB   Rate Mobile Prevailing price
Fixed Prevailing Price
International Prevailing price
Roaming Prevailing Price
Oher Calls Prevailing Prices

Subscription Requirements

Customer Category Main Requirements
Key Account Non-Government, Key account government, International organizations and embassies, SOHO / SME Service request letter
GSM postpaid   subscription requirement (in case of new request)
List of BM   lines for CUG to be activated
Prepaid users   should migrate to postpaid
Subscription   fee
Deposit (As per   the deposit policy)