CRBT with NEW features

Coloring Ring Back Tone​
  • CRBT has been redesigned with new and exciting features considering your needs. Subscribe and entertain both yourself and your callers.


Service Types

Normal CRBT (for your callers)

Calling CRBT (when you make call)

Service Fee

Monthly Rent: 5 Birr
Weekly Rent: 2 Birr
Tone purchase: 5 Birr

Benefits & features of the service

To subscribe to the service:
To choose tones & manage the service
  • Dial 822 & follow prompt
  • Via our website or
  • Dial *822#

Commands for Basic Operations to be sent via 822 SMS

Item no.OperationNormal CRBTCalling CRBT
1Subscribe for the service AA1
2To purchase a CRBTC CRBT CodeC CRBT Code
3To Set a CRBT SN Tone codeSC Tone code


Express Copy (to copy CRBTs you heard from other users) Dial the person back and press (*) before they answer




To send CRBT gift for your loved ones

G CRBT code Receiver's phone number e.g: G 123456 09XXXXXXXX

G CRBT code Receiver's phone number e.g: G 123456 09XXXXXXXX

6Gift accept

ga Code no

ga Code no

7Gift rejectgr Code nogr Code no
9Querying CRBT from subscriber personal libraryPP
10Query personal settingsQCQC
11To delete CRBT settingDC Tone codeDC1 Tone code
12Deactivating the service temporarilyDACDAC1
13Activating the serviceACAC1


Unsubscribe the service



  • All prepaid, postpaid & hybrid customer can subscribe for the service at any time.
  • Customers can register both for normal and calling CRBT service at any time.
  • Customers can buy CRBT by calling 822, dialing *822# and visiting
  • CRBT customers can send tone to non-CRBT customer on the condition of paying the monthly rental fee during the presented time. The non-CRBT customer informed by SMS to be subscribed for the service within one hour and after registration it can get the presented tone.
  • CRBT Customers can also send tone as a gift to CRBT single user or to multiple users at a time paying for the tone.
  • CRBT customers can make other users’ tone during a call by calling back to the phone they heard the music and press star (*) before the call is answered, then send the identification number they received through SMS to 822. But the main customer can turn off the coping permission.
  • The default tone cannot be copied, only CRBTs that are bought and used by the user can be copied by another user.
  • The service will be activated for the customer with one free default tone and users can set new dedicated CRBTs.
  • Customers will have their own personal library where they can store their purchased CRBTs (Up to 20 tones) and can delete any tones.
  • Customers can deactivate for temporary & reactivate anytime without losing their purchased CRBT tones in their personal library.
  • Customers will enter grace state in which only default tone heard if they do not have sufficient balance in every month and will be in suspension state if the monthly rent is not paid after 7 days. Cancellation will be followed if the customer fails to pay the monthly rent for 15 days.  
  • Customers can cancel the service at any time as per their request and they will be treated as new subscribers for returning to subscription.